Common Fitness Myths

With the society increasingly becoming health conscious, there is tons of misinformation flooding around in the world of fitness. These misinformation when they become viral are treated like facts. There is a mass misconception which is carried by trainers, fitness freaks, and newbie to the fitness industry. However, some of the myths are slowly going away but there are plenty which are holding people back from achieving their fitness goals. Since there are numerous of fitness myth running around like dieting is the only way to lose weight, doing hundreds of crunches will get you six pack abs, we will discuss top 8 fitness myths and come up with their surprising truth.

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 1) Spot Reduction — This is one of the biggest fitness myth. You can reduce fat by performing one exercise. Spot reduction means attempting to reduce an amount of fat from a particular part of the body. But the reality is different! When you exercise on a particular set of muscles, the fat from the entire body is burned.
 2) Lifting heavy weights makes women bulky- Many women are afraid of lifting weight because of the myth that weight lifting will make them bulky and muscular. The reality is completely different.
 3) Load up on Protein After Workout- Your body can only digest about 12 to 15 grams of protein in a meal. The excess will appear around your waistline.
 4) You can go for a long run- Before going for a long run, make sure that you’re in shape. It can lead to injury.
 5) Running will make you fit- There is no doubt that running burns a lot of calories, but unless you are built like a runner i.e, lean body structure and not bulky, then running can cost you injuries. Due to this reason, running is categorized as a “Sport” and not fitness activity. 
 6) Cardio is More Effective in Fat loss than Weight lifting- Though cardio burn a lot of calories; it also results in Muscle Loss, which is one of the major concern for people trying to lose weight. However, 5- 10 minutes of cardio followed by Strength Training is one of the best ways to lose body fat.

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