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Local SEO Services

Simply put.

What is Local SEO — And What Are We Trying to Achieve?

Local SEO is simply helping your business get more views and leads locally through Google.

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#1 Ranking Your Google My Business

  • Actively Managed — ensuring the profile is actively managed and is set up to target your keywords will give Google confidence that you are up to date and any query that does come across your profile you will respond to prominently.
  • Reviews — are you actually getting good, high quality genuine reviews? If your competitors have higher ratings, a great number of reviews and they respond to them each individually? This gives them a huge advantage over why they are ranking over you.
  • Filling Out Your Profile — are you providing Google with the full details? For instance, if you’re a restaurant, have you uploaded the menu? Given a description of what type of food you are offering? Provided an array of images of the food you offer? If not, the restaurant down the road that is, will give Google more of a reason to rank them above you.

#2 Ranking Your Website

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Technical SEO

The Final Part of the Equation?

Traffic X Conversion Rate = Leads Generated.

It is the conversion rate that needs to be also looked at. Let’s face it, if you send a 1000 people a month to a naff looking hard to navigate website — it’s going to result in a lot less ‘conversions’ i.e people enquiring than a website with a 100 people a month that looks professional and is to get in touch with.

  • We look into the wording use of the website and see how people are responding.
  • Plus, we want to understand what people are mainly wanting from your website and ultimately are you providing it.

Summary of Local SEO Practices

So when it comes to local SEO.

  • Correct layout of information
  • Creating citations
  • Off Page SEO — this is about mainly getting backlinks to the site that are relevant and act as trust indicators that your website is authoritiative and all things being equal (with regards to reputation, on page and technical SEO), this will allow you to rank one website over another.
  • Technical SEO — this is to ensure that the website is being crawled correctly and there are no errors with the site.

Starting the Local SEO Campaign

  1. They will then want to help both your website as well as your GMB profile.
  2. They will then also likely assess how your website is currently set up (i.e will it generate leads in an effective manner) through best practices.
  3. Perform an audit of all the above. Basically list everything that is needed in order to get it ranking where you want it to be.
  4. Then likely on a retainer basis, they will help you achieve the above and get you to where you want to be.
  5. However, they will likely not only keep you there — but look for other opportunities for you to grow further.

Local SEO for Small Businesses

There are several advantages of SEO for small businesses compared to other digital marketing practices such as social media, PPC as well as advertising.

Do You Want Local SEO Services?

Hopefully the above gives you a clearer view of what Local SEO is trying to achieve in producing more organic traffic for your business and ultimately more leads generated in order to help grow and making your business more sustainable.

Hey, I’m Harry a Local SEO specialist. Find out more on how to rank your business in Google locally. Contact me on seolocalservicesuk@gmail.com

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