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Local SEO Services
Mar 10 · 9 min read

Local SEO Services

Simply put.

If you’re a business that relies on local leads.

You will know already the huge benefit that local SEO services can bring to your business.

It can literally be the ‘make’ or ‘break’ for some businesses.

The goal for your local SEO campaign?

It’s actually pretty simple.

  • First, you want to make sure that you rank #1 with your website for the following phrase: “Your Service + Your Location”.

E.g. If you’re an accountancy firm in Bristol you want to turn up for “Accountant Bristol”.

  • Second, you want to rank your Google My Business profile in the top 3 map pack for that key phrase.

Go ahead search Google and see what comes up when you search for your service + your location, who turns up? You or your competitors?

If you want to achieve both these results for your business?

Then let’s talk.

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What is Local SEO — And What Are We Trying to Achieve?

Local SEO is simply helping your business get more views and leads locally through Google.

A simple way of thinking about is the following:

Search for your service and your location.

If you are an ‘Accountancy firm’ and you live in Bristol.

Go ahead and google search ‘accountant bristol’ that is very much likely to be the term that your potential customers are looking for.

Who and what comes up?

Firstly, you are likely to see some Google Ads (this is the PPC section where you have to ‘pay to play’ with regards to clicks and can get expensive).

However, if you scroll down further you are likely to see a map of your city (in this case Bristol) as well as some of the business that offer that service (in this case Accountants) in what is known as the ‘map pack’.

The map pack consists of generally the top 3 most optimise Google My Business profiles that are free to set up.

Scroll past further then that and in the #1 spot will be the top organic result.

The ultimate aim of the game will be for you to achieve the following:

Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC, used with permission.

This is where most of the ‘clicking’ action is happening when someone searches for your key phrase.

So we need to get your Google My Business Profile into the map pack above and get your website to the top of the results.

How do we achieve that?

#1 Ranking Your Google My Business

A Google My Business profile often gets neglected by businesses and becomes an afterthought for others.

When in actual fact it can become a 24/7 passive online machine for generating valuable targeted leads.

And hence requires a lot of attention.

How can you improve it?

  • Citations — these are reference points that Google will check to see if the details match up and give you further credit that you are indeed a real businesses. Does your Facebook profile details match up with your Google My Business details? If not, you have just given Google not to trust your details as much. Sending you lower down the rankings.
  • Actively Managed — ensuring the profile is actively managed and is set up to target your keywords will give Google confidence that you are up to date and any query that does come across your profile you will respond to prominently.
  • Reviews — are you actually getting good, high quality genuine reviews? If your competitors have higher ratings, a great number of reviews and they respond to them each individually? This gives them a huge advantage over why they are ranking over you.
  • Filling Out Your Profile — are you providing Google with the full details? For instance, if you’re a restaurant, have you uploaded the menu? Given a description of what type of food you are offering? Provided an array of images of the food you offer? If not, the restaurant down the road that is, will give Google more of a reason to rank them above you.

There are many other facets to ranking your Google My Business profile when it comes to local SEO but the four points above remain key to get ahead of your competition.

Making sure your Google My Business profile ranks in the top 3 for your relevant keywords is a key undertaking and overall main objective for the local SEO campaign.

#2 Ranking Your Website

Now when it comes to ranking your website it is certainly a fair bit different to your Google My Business profile.

You essentially just need to think about the three following things when it comes to SEO.

It breaks down into three simple parts.

On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO.

We will talk about all three of these separately and simply but remember that they are all helping towards making sure your website is set up to target your local keywords.

I.e “Your Service + Your Location”.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is simply what you see on the website.

You are pretty much consuming On Page SEO right now.

The fact that I mention here (that I have bolded) within the content my keyword that I want this article to show up local SEO services is a practice of On Page SEO.

It’s basically anything a user can see on the website itself with regards to content.

On Page SEO is used to steer the page that we are trying to rank to target the right keyword.

So if you want to rank for ‘Accountant Bristol’, you need to mention that term in your Meta Title, Header and ideally within the URL as well as the content.

These four aspects are clear signals to Google (and essentially gives them confidence) that your page and website is actually an Accountancy website based in Bristol.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is as you might have already guessed is everything to do with what has an impact on your website’s ranking that is not directly on the website.

The main aspect to think about when it comes to Off Page SEO is backlinks.

A backlink is simply when one website links to another.

For instance this is a backlink that points to my LinkedIn Profile (that you are more than welcome to connect with me on).

The more high quality backlinks that your website can obtain the higher your ranking position is likely to be.

They act as a voting mechanism to help decide which should be above another website if they are both ‘Accountants’ and both reside in ‘Bristol’.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is going under the hood of your website.

It is taking a look at essentially how Google crawls your website and whether that it is carried out in the best possible format.

A simple case of a misplaced character in your robots.txt file could be the difference between your website turning up at #1 for your desired keyword and simply not at all.

Typically an SEO audit gets carried out at the start of a Local SEO campaign, then you go throughout the website to fix the errors that have been pointed out.

This is then repeated until the site is functioning to a high technical standard, meaning Google is crawling your website efficiently and effectively.

All three of these aspects are used to get ahead of your comeptiton. If one of them is lacking (or worse all three) this will be the reason why you’re not managing to get ahead of your competition.

The Final Part of the Equation?

Now when it comes to actually generating leads from your website.

Remember that SEO provides just one half of the equation, and that’s traffic.

The complete equation goes as follows:

Traffic X Conversion Rate = Leads Generated.

It is the conversion rate that needs to be also looked at. Let’s face it, if you send a 1000 people a month to a naff looking hard to navigate website — it’s going to result in a lot less ‘conversions’ i.e people enquiring than a website with a 100 people a month that looks professional and is to get in touch with.

So we will also look to optimise your site so that it will increase the number of leads that you get from the traffic you are achieving.

Basically allowing you to make the most out of your traffic.

How do we do this?

  • We look into the overall usability of your website (using certain tracking software, heat maps and more).
  • We look into the wording use of the website and see how people are responding.
  • Plus, we want to understand what people are mainly wanting from your website and ultimately are you providing it.

There are two halves of the lead generation equation for your website and I will be looking to solve both of them for you.

Find out more about what conversion rate optimisation is and how it can dramatically improve the performance of your website from the video above.

Summary of Local SEO Practices

So when it comes to local SEO.

There are two things we are trying to achieve initially.

i) We want to rank the website.

ii) We want to rank the Google My Business profile.

Both of these are to supply the ‘traffic’ side of the equation. The more traffic those two properties get, the more leads you are likely to generate.

So how do we rank the Google My Business profile:

  • Generating genuine reviews
  • Correct layout of information
  • Creating citations

So how do we rank the website:

  • On Page SEO — making sure that firstly, the website is set up to target the right keyword and supplying Google with sufficient evidence that you should be ranking for this keyword.
  • Off Page SEO — this is about mainly getting backlinks to the site that are relevant and act as trust indicators that your website is authoritiative and all things being equal (with regards to reputation, on page and technical SEO), this will allow you to rank one website over another.
  • Technical SEO — this is to ensure that the website is being crawled correctly and there are no errors with the site.

Starting the Local SEO Campaign

So let’s say you are an electrician based in York.

You want to be targeting “Electrician York”.

And you want to utilise SEO as marketing technique in order to generate more leads?

What would the process look like.

  1. You contact a local SEO expert (hopefully someone like myself).
  2. They will then want to help both your website as well as your GMB profile.
  3. They will then also likely assess how your website is currently set up (i.e will it generate leads in an effective manner) through best practices.
  4. Perform an audit of all the above. Basically list everything that is needed in order to get it ranking where you want it to be.
  5. Then likely on a retainer basis, they will help you achieve the above and get you to where you want to be.
  6. However, they will likely not only keep you there — but look for other opportunities for you to grow further.

So how can they help you and your website grow out further?

They can help you take up more places on the Search Engine Results Page

You don’t just have to use your own website to get a result on the first page for the local term that you are using.

You can use alternative sites that list your details as well.

For instance, ranking highly in the Yell Lisitng or Trusted Trader for instance.

They can help you rank for more related keywords.

So let’s say you are an electrician in York again.

But you also offer a range of services within that.

So you want to rank for “rewire York” as these are potentially big jobs that involve stripping out and potentially rewiring the entire house.

Do You Want Local SEO Services?

Hopefully the above gives you a clearer view of what Local SEO is trying to achieve in producing more organic traffic for your business and ultimately more leads generated in order to help grow and making your business more sustainable.

Ready to expand your local SEO? Let’s get started. Get in touch below:

Or get in touch with me via email:


Of course, if you have any questions with regards to any of the information that I presented above and would like to know more about what I offer with regards to local SEO services and improvements to your conversion rate, then please get in touch and I will be more than happy to help.

Local SEO Services

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Hey, I’m Harry a Local SEO specialist. Find out more on how to rank your business in Google locally. Contact me on seolocalservicesuk@gmail.com

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