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12 Ways to Make Your Google My Business Listing Sexy and Attract More Customers

In the digital marketing world there is so much chatter regarding the urgent need for small businesses to claim their free Google My Business listing. Unfortunately this easy to implement marketing strategy seems to fall on deaf ears, since only 44 percent of small businesses have actually claimed their listing!

Wake up, Guys and Gals! Secure the bag…

But there seems to be less talk about the urgent need to actively manage the listing as well.

Claiming your business is just the first step (Congratulations! You have just taken ownership/control of your listing).

Now that you are in control of the listing, don’t be like the vast majority of small business owners and leave it dull and unattended to!

Instead take the next step, and really make the listing stand out. Then actively manage how you reach and convert both prospects and current customers on the most used search engine in the world.

You can make your Google My Business listing ultra sexy by utilizing the free features provided in the GMB dashboard.

Who doesn’t want a sexy Google My Business listing?

A sexy listing means: more eyes drawn to it, resulting in more traffic (customers) and ultimately more chances to convert (make money). CHING! CHING!

In this article I’ll show you how to give your Google My Business instant swag with Google Posts. The key is, you have to do it right! Most of your competitors are NOT doing this, so this is where you WIN―at least until they catch on. Even when they do catch up, the early adopters (i.e., your business!) will have the advantage, IF it’s done right…

How to use Google Posts to get more customers

Google Posts in the Knowledge Panel

Google Posts offers business owners premium space to market and engage with customers on their Google My Business listing for FREE! These handouts from Google are the perfect way to communicate with your target audience. They also can include an image (hello, sexy!) and a call-to-action (CTA) button to direct internet searchers to your website, social media properties or storefront.

Posts are visible in the Knowledge Panel on desktop/laptop, mobile, Google Maps and Google’s FREE business website.

Sexy Google Posts requires three elements:

  • Creativity
  • Consistency
  • Analytics

How to get creative with Google Posts

It’s important to get creative with your Posts to capture the attention of current and future customers. So this means no one wants to see your company logo or storefront (sorry but it’s true), images with too small print or information that is just plain old boring.

Instead you have to creatively find ways to offer value to your target audience.

I have scoured the Internet to find examples of creative Google Posts that encourage clicks from customers. This wasn’t an easy task since not that many businesses are doing it, as I previously mentioned. But I was able to find a few golden nuggets on my treasure hunt.

Use these 12 tips (with 28 examples) to help get your creative juices flowing!

  1. Showcase your work or products

If your business is very visual, give prospects something beautiful (and/or tasty) to look at to keep your business top of mind!

Laptop Knowledge Panel Google Posts
Laptop Enlarged Google Post
Google Posts on Google My Business Website

The image above is a free Google My Business website created by a real estate agency in Indonesia.The website is hosted on Google’s URL: Up to three Google Posts will appear as ‘Updates’ on the website directly under the header. The CTA button is visible on the Posts too.

The site is automatically updated with the most recent posts. The entire one-page website syncs with your Google My Business account updating NAP (name, address, phone number), hours of operation, images and embedded Google Maps business locator. Even if you already have a website, it doesn’t this is free one too. It’s gotta be good for local SEO it’s attached to Google.

2. Feature happy customers

Most people like to be in the spotlight, especially for a business that they support. Let potential customers get a glimpse at your currently satisfied customers. Use images that people can connect with and be enticed to learn more about your business.

3. Specials

Use Google Posts to advertise daily, weekly or seasonal specials. This strategy is great for restaurants, food delivery services, boutique, antique shop, florist, bakery, hair salon―basically anyone with a business and product/service to sell.

Every Post should include a CTA button such as “order online”, “book”,or “reserve” to encourage customers to take action. Be sure that the link on the CTA button leads to a relevant landing page to help get the customer further down your sales funnel.

Daily Specials Google Posts
Special Offer Google Post on Google Maps
Google Posts on a Smartphone

4. Giveaway

A giveaway is a great way to increase awareness about your brand; as well as get clicks to social media sites and website. What can you giveaway that will be sure to create a buzz?

Giveaway Google Post
Reward Google Post

5. Product restock

Do you have a ‘hot’ product that always sells out? According to Google, Internet users are searching for product availability at local stores. As soon as you get that ‘must-have’ item back on the shelves create a Google Post to let customers know.

Product Restock Google Posts

6. Classes and workshops

Promote classes and workshops with Google Posts. List the key takeaways for participating and don’t forget to include the CTA button to encourage immediate action. This also requires that your offer be irresistible!

Class/Course Google Post
Workshops Google Posts

7. Educate them

Share shocking statistics or interesting facts about your industry. Share facts that will position consumers to do business with you.

Alarming Statistic Google Post
Informative Google Post

8. Events

Have an event coming up? Let your searchers know and encourage them to join you. This can be an event that you are hosting or a charitable cause that your business supports.

9. Make an announcement

Use Google Posts like a bulletin board and post important announcements such as store closing early or detour roads to take in lieu of heavy traffic. Also consider posting news, activities or important reminders for customers.

Store Closed for Winter Google Post
Google Post for ‘Hard to Find’ Location
Google Posts Reminder and Monthly News

10. Share a testimonial

Since 92 percent of consumers read business reviews before making a purchase. Give them something to read! Share a testimonial or review left on another social media or review site.

Testimonial Google Post

11. Feature a member of your all-star team

Proudly display your Employee of the Month, share why you are glad to have them as a member of your team.

Employee of the Month Google Post

12. Share your awards

If your business has won any awards impress potential customers with your status as an industry leader. Confirm that your business is the one they need to do business with.

Business Award Google Post


After adding the sexy to your Google My Business listing, it is important not to adopt a “set it and forget it” attitude.


Google strives to provide users with the most relevant content, as a result Google Posts disappear from the Knowledge Panel after 7 days.

Since customers will not be able to see Posts older than one week, it’s important to have a plan in place for keeping your listing your sexy.

At the bare minimum, commit to updating your Posts at least once a week, so that your Google My Business listing always stands out in the search results.

Don’t have time to add another weekly task?

Pro Tip: Set the Google Post as an event for content to be visible for a longer duration than 7 days. Event Posts are view-able on the listing until the event is over. Keep in mind the Post does not have to be about an actual event.

Google Posts Event

Notice in the screenshot above the Google Post is an event (scheduled Jan 1- Jun 30) posted on January 18, 2018 (highlighted in yellow). But the actual event is an offer for dental cleaning at a discounted price for new patients. This post will be visible on the listing until June 30, 2018. Be creative!

You also don’t want to post too frequently (unless you have a special everyday), because you want to make sure that Posts are getting seen during search. And you should be monitoring and tracking Google Posts, both the winners and the losers. Reuse the winners and learn from the losers!

Which brings me to my next point…


It is vital to track what is working with your Google My Business listing.



If you are not willing to see what’s bringing in more money and what’s not then it really doesn’t make sense to even bother getting the listing sexy at all.

The Google My Business dashboard provides some basic insights such as how customers search for your business:

Google My Business Insights

The insights also detail where your listing is being viewed (Maps or search) the most :

Google My Business Insights

These analytics are a great starting point for monitoring some activity on the listing itself, but they have no value for Google Posts activity and conversion at this time.

In order to track Google Posts activity you must always include a CTA button and UTM code link.

Now before you start freakin’ out: What the heck is a UTM code? I don’t have time for this…

There was a time when I could relate and it’s not as complicated as it sounds. UTM codes are just links with special code added that allows you to track their activity.

Google’s Campaign URL Builder is a free tool that can be used to create UTM codes in under 2 minutes.

Google Campaign URL Builder

1. Begin by entering the website URL that the Google Post CTA button will link to.

2. Next assign the Campaign Source. Enter the source associated with this campaign. Keep in mind you can select anything here. To make it easier remember the source you are tracking, I strongly suggest using “GooglePosts” or some other variant (e.g.,“Google-Posts”, “googleposts”, “google_posts”)

3. Set the Campaign Medium to “organic” since consumers will find your Google Posts via organic (non-paid) searches for your business.

4. Use Campaign Name to distinguish a specific campaign name, product or promotion. The name can be different for each individual Google Post.

5. After you input all the above information you can share the new URL that has been generated (highlighted in red the box pictured above). I strongly recommend you click ‘convert URL to Short Link’. Gotta transform that extremely long uninviting link into a smaller and more visually appealing beauty.

I told you it wasn’t that bad.

But if it was for you personally, you can always bookmark this page and share it with a more tech savvy employee. Or ditch the DIY altogether and hire a local SEO expert that specializes in Google My Business.


I came across the two listings above in a search for “home builder in toronto”.

Pop Quiz: Which Google My Business listing in the screenshot above is sexier?

You passed if you chose the listing with Google Posts (on the left). Interestingly, the dull listing on the right was running a paid ad. Yikes! Essentially this business paid to be at the top of search results (with absolutely no swag), while at the same time being out-shined by a competitor that has optimized their Google My Business listing with Google Posts for free.

Now that you have the secret sauce to making your Google My Business listing truly standout…go give it is a super sexy makeover.

The kind of makeover that your target audience can’t ignore. Draw online consumers in with irresistible offers, make it easy for them to do business with you (CTA button) and get as creative as you can to convert incoming leads into customers.

For Google Posts:

Keep it SEXY consistently and monitor analytics intentionally!

Get started now while your competitors still have their eyes wide shut.

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