How Do You Decide?

Deciding how to decide makes a seminal impact on our lives and businesses. How do you decide? I find this an interesting question to think about. What do you think?

This post was inspired by the Quora question:

What do CEOs do before making decisions? What do they need to make the right decision?

CEOs or anyone really, at a high-level needs three things to decide:

1. Data

It has been said that, without data we’re just assholes with opinions. Legendary leaders interrogate data until it surrenders the truth.

2. Intuition

There is no such thing as a legendary leader who doesn’t develop a legendary sixth-sense about their category, products and company.

3. Context

Context is how we process data and intuition. Powerful context comes from real dialog, real thinking and real experience. With out context data and intuition lack meaning.

Context provides the lens for viewing data and analyzing intuition. Ask any photographer about how important it is to have the right lens to get the right picture.

The way we look at things changes the things we look at.

Legendary leaders develop the context required to win. They cultivate a different point of view based on data and intuition. If the world (their market category, employees, investors & partners) agree with their point of view, they win.

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