Why Palestine Shouldn’t Be an Independent Country
Caleb Mars

Mr Caleb you are indeed a slow learner. The Holocaust occurred more than 70 years ago and yet you still havn’t learnt that arrogance by some Jewish people such as yourself is unacceptable and is exactly what caused the Holocaust.

In my country we have had 2 outstanding Jewish Prime Ministers .

Jews are free and welcome virtually anywhere except Palestine and I have personally witnessed the benefits of Jewish investments in many countries

The Deal was that no Jew be discriminated against in the wider world and no resident minority be disadvantaged by Jewish settlement in a Palestinian homeland. That was the bargain

You have not kept your end of the bargain by expelling 700,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948 and the following genocide against the folk now living in Gaza, That is the sort of discrimination and prejudice that the relatively briefly worded Balfour document sought to prevent

Have no doubts in your mind Mr Caleb that the rest of the world welcomes well intentioned Jews in our midst something that you can never reciprocate.

You did not have to inhabit or invade Palestine, so many good Jews migrated to Australia, USA, Canada and so on where they have made major contributions in their new homes.

But you certainly have a good set of skills for making trouble. Your continued attacks on the free world ( We do not agree with you as you claim in your post ) may lead some crazed person somewhere to become so upset with you as to bring the ovens out again.

In rebuttal of your everlasting Jews V Arabs rants let me say “ No man shall be the judge in his own case”