26 June Polymath Park and the Laurel Highlands

Polymath Park is a Frank Lloyd Wright lover’s venture. He discovered two houses on the land next to his own had been designed by FLW’s apprentice Peter Berndtson and eventually found himself able to buy the land. He restored the houses and then acquired a house designed by FLW which had been disassembled and was in storage, so he rebuilt that nearby and now does house tours. The Berndtson houses were interesting spaces and the FLW influence could be clearly seen. The Balter House:

The Blum House:

But the best was the reconstructed FLW ‘Usonian’ House. It was intended to be a standard low cost house for middle income families but it could never be made economical because Wright wouldn’t compromise on the design and kept elaborating on it. It was lovely, both outside and in. We weren’t allow to take photos inside, sadly.

Matthew was very pleased to get such a great photo of a chipmunk in the grounds.

After our visit there we went off to the town of Legonier for a look round and to find out a bit more about the area. It was such a charming place. We wish we had found accommodation there, where it would have been delightful to walk out in the evening.

We headed for Ohiopyle to get our bearings for today’s FLW visits, and enjoyed a long walk there, seeing the falls and learning about the history of the town.

We came back, weary, to a beautiful sunset.

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