Antelope Canyon

No antelopes any more, but an experience that was almost spiritual. In the Antelope Canyon there are what are known as ‘slot canyons’. These are very narrow canyons with the most amazing shapes, carved out of rushing water millions of years ago. The guide book indicated that these were more like caves and you had to climb down the equivalent of five storeys to get into them. So I decided to have a quiet morning on the hotel terrace and let Matthew go on his own – I don’t cope well with enclosed spaces and lots of people.

So off he went and I had a lovely time sitting in the shade with my feet up on the terrance overlooking the swimming pool and golf course (too hot to play!)

When he returned he showed me these photos and said he had been to a canyon which was easily accessed, was short, quiet, and you could walk out of it in seconds. He had struck a deal with the lady at the cash desk to get back in free in the afternoon if he took his wife!

So off after a swim in the deserted pool, we went. It was magical. You have to go with a guide, and our guide played classical music on his guitar while we explored two slot canyons. The colours with the sun shining through narrow openings onto the rocks were amazing. I was so glad that in the end I was persuaded to go.

Back at the hotel and the terrace to watch the sunset over the hills. End of a perfect day.

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