Boston is ‘done’ and we are somewhat footsore but we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Just a pity it has poured all day today!


  • Public Library
  • Trinity Church, apparently still rated one of the top ten buildings in the US, according to the guide anyway!
  • Public Garden
  • Beacon Hill
  • Lobster Roll lunch, a ‘must’ according to Anna, and she was right!
  • Harvard University – limited in what we could see because of the graduation ceremony
  • First ever sushi dinner – wonderful, though it seems odd we should wait till Boston to do this!

Today, while it rained outside, we spent several happy hours in the Museum of Fine Arts where at long last I have seen Gauguin’s amazing ‘Where have we come from, what are we, where are we going?’ as well as lots of other wonderful paintings.

Tomorrow is our Greyhound bus journey to Montreal, where we pick up our hire car and head straight for Quebec. It means an early start, just when we are getting onto Boston time and not waking so early!

We now need to decide on dinner. We did pass a Lebanese restaurant on the way back …

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