First Full Day on the Galapagos

We are now back on the mainland. The internet on the islands was cruddy so nothing would upload, and especially not photos.

We had a great stay, six nights and five full days. We were in a tiny ‘hotel’, more of a B and B, with the most delightful manager. He was really helpful, mapped out a suggested itinerary and was always interested to know what we had seen and done. One of the kindest, nicest, gentlest people you meet.

So here is what we did and saw on our first day.

We spent the entire morning at the Charles Darwin Research Centre. This is the conservation centre, and we learned all about the problems which the islands face and how they try to overcome them. It was so interesting, and a good thing to do first to set the background for the rest of the trip. They have a breeding programme there for the giant tortoises, and we enjoyed seeing them from the very young to the mature adults.

On the road up to the centre, our first iguana of the trip, a couple of lizards and a typical tree.

Tortoises at the centre.

Lonesome George (now stuffed) who died in 2012 at over 100 years old. He was the last remaining Pinta Island tortoise.

A land iguana and one of Darwin’s finches.

The view back to Puerto Ayora, some marine iguanas basking in the sun on the rocks and the entrance to the centre.

We strolled into town. It is just amazing how unfazed the animals, birds and fish are by the presence of humans all around. Scenes at and around the fisherman’s wharf and fish market. The pelicans hung around in the hope of some of the innards of filleted fish. They were so funny. Every now and then one tried to steal a whole fish. Ray in the water, lava gull and heron, also hopeful of something from the fish market.

A little further along the road, a Sally Lightfoot crab and more iguanas enjoying the sun.

At the main pier, a sea lion walks up the jetty, and another has a snooze on a bench.

A great first day. We booked a boat trip for day two and had a delicious ‘white fish’ meal at one of the restaurants along the front as we watched the world go by, spotting local people, people from posh cruise boats, backpackers etc. Great fun.

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