More Canyons – Cedar Breaks, Red Rocks and Bryce

The plan was to head straight to Bryce but one of the Rangers at Zion told us that Cedar Breaks was on the way, a mini Bryce and would save us the bother of going all the way to Bryce. Not only that but we would get a lovely view back over to Zion from it. So we took his advice, though we went on to Bryce anyway and were so glad we did.

The view over to Zion

Looking down on the lovely Cedar Breaks Canyon.

The Alpine scenery at the top of the canyon and a yellow bellied marmot, also enjoying the view!

Red Rocks en route for Bryce.

Bryce Canyon

It was truly amazing, and we were pleased we hadn’t taken the ranger’s advice and only done Cedar Breaks. It was similar to Cedar Breaks but huge and with so much more to see. They call it an amphitheatre and it is rather like that, you stand in what would be the back row and look down and to each side at beautiful rock formations, with lots of ‘hoodoos’, individual pillar rocks.

Where you are standing is fertile, alpine type trees and pasture and you look over into desert. You are very high so it doesn’t get uncomfortably hot, even in the middle of the day, which it was by the time we got there.

You can drive up to the furthest point and then make your way back stopping at all the ‘overlooks’. Once you get closer to the park entrance a shuttle bus operates between overlook points. So to begin with it was drive/stop/look/repeat but once we reached Bryce Point we left the car in the car park and did a long walk down the Rim Trail till we felt we had done enough then caught the shuttle back up to get the car.

Behind us, on the ‘top step’ of the amphitheatre it looked like this

The spectacle in front of us as we went from viewpoint to viewpoint looked like this:

And I just loved these feet!

What a day…

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