Not Sleepless in Seattle

where in spite of a rather narrow bed and a motorway next door we have slept like logs.

Our ferry journey here was pleasant but not the beautiful ride through the islands we expected. The islands were there but so was the smog. Here is what Seattle looked like as we arrived. Quite a few people are wearing masks here.

We haven’t seen Mount Rainier at all, and decided a trip up the Sky Needle was pointless, though we did see it close up.

Highlight of our visit was via the monorail, which passes through the Museum of Pop Culture,

to the Pacific Science Centre to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition which is currently in Seattle. We had no idea but they were selling discounted tickets on the ferry for express entry so we took advantage of that. There was a certain satisfaction about seeing the long queue as we walked straight in! It was absolutely amazing and were able to wander round for as long as we wanted. Now we want to go to China and see the rest of them!

After that we wandered through downtown Seattle, enjoying the cityscape and the atmosphere.

We loved meandering through Pike Place Market with fish the size of which we have never seen before. Unfortunately we have no cooking facilities in our accommodation here so could only gaze and lick our lips!

So it is farewell Seattle as we head off, searching for smog free areas!

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