We have had a great couple of days in Toronto staying with Cynthia, Siham and Nichan’s daughter and her family. It was great to meet her family. She has two lovely boys, who are great fun to be with. We arrived on Sunday and went out for a delicious Lebanese lunch, before enjoying relaxing by, and in, their pool.

On Monday we went into Toronto and had a look round. It is a real North American city with its tall skyscrapers. We went up the CN tower and the views were amazing. We managed to get a window seat so decided to have lunch there. It was certainly a lunch view to remember. We followed the sightseeing path recommended by the guide book when we came down, and got somewhat footsore before we decided to abandon it as we felt we had seen so much from above. We headed back to Cynthia’s and another very pleasant evening relaxing by her pool.

An old market, and a view to Niagara Falls city from the CN Tower.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we headed in convoy with Nichan and Siham to Balm Beach on the shores of Lake Huron. We have a lovely little two bedroomed cottage near the beach with a lovely garden. We did a supermarket shop then settled down to a BBQ and bridge till it got a bit chilly outdoors and we came inside.

We are here till next Tuesday and plan on a holiday within a holiday, doing not a lot and enjoying the garden and the surroundings. We have woken up to another beautiful day, warm and sunny with a perfect breeze. Gosh, this is all such hard work…!

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