We saw a bear!

By the side of the road early this morning. We set off at 6.45 for a long day’s driving, and a few miles in saw him. Wow! He seemed unconcerned by our car driving past him. Wish we had photographed him.

Today, as a birthday treat – Matthew is now well and truly a pensioner, and as of today, drawing all his pensions – he got to drive 600 miles across Canada. We are now in Kenora, about an hour or two from Winnipeg, which we are informed lies at the centre of Canada.

We were sorry to leave lovely Balm Beach where we had a wonderfully relaxing week. Our little temporary home at Balm Beach:

On our last night our hosts invited us for a BBQ with all their long term tenants and it was a super evening. Very good company, wonderful food and a lovely warm evening sitting in their garden. A great end to our stay there. Some photos of the evening, including their gorgeous dog Sydney. We are not really doggie people, but we could have kidnapped Sydney and brought her home.

But the open road was calling and we set off early, but not so bright. We had a wonderful run up the side of Lake Huron to Saulte St Marie where we had a walk in the park and then along the canal that links Lake Huron and Lake Superior.

Photo below is interesting, a flood defence which has only been used once, in 1909, when a boat crashed into the lock gates and the water couldn’t be controlled. It is turned round into the canal and then shutters go down and it dams the water.

After that we headed up the side of Lake Superior. Unfortunately the weather turned and it poured all the way until just before we got to Wawa where we were staying. Photos from Old Woman’s Bay, the old woman’s face, if you use your imagination, can be seen in profile in the rock shape. It stopped raining for five minutes!

We had a nice motel in Wawa, a town worth avoiding for itself. We walked across the road to the nearest restaurant and found gold. What a beautiful meal we had. Our host at Balm Beach had recommend Pickerel, a Lake Superior fish. It was absolutely delicious, as indeed were the stir fried veggies, and the chips, sorry, French fries!

We set off at 6.45 again this morning having decided to make a big dent in the mileage and as it has been a dreadful day, poured throughout, it was as good a way to spend the day as any. Lake Superior is truly beautiful, so no photos because of the rain and everything turning out grey, though we felt we had to take these two looking out over Thunder Bay.

On the way we noticed every time the road has been blasted through rock, there are little cairns like these on top of the remaining rock at the side of the road. We thought perhaps that this is something done by First Nations people. They believe there are spirits in everything so perhaps these in some way acknowledge the hurt done when destroying the rock. Apparently nothing so romantic. The are merely ways of saying ‘I was here’ and are called ‘inuksuks’. Interesting though.

Off now to a local restaurant to spend Matthew’s first State old age pension!

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