Wonderful day around Jasper – and two more bears!

Into the national park:

First stop Miette hot sulphur springs where we walked to their source. We didn’t bother bathing at the pool, it looked like an ordinary swimming pool.

Then a wander round Jasper, very much a ski resort type town, pleasant with lovely scenery around it.

On to the Five Lakes (very small ones) which we walked round. The water was an amazing colour and it was a lovely walk, if strenuous in parts. It was so quiet, all you could hear was the sound of birds and the wind rustling the leaves.

Finally, we were lucky enough to get a pass to go up to see the Edith Cavell mountain glacier, so we drove up the mountain and then walked to the glacier viewpoint. Not up to Calafate (Argentina) glaciers for amazingness, but great to see it.

And then, as we were coming down the mountain from the glacier, there, dangerously on a bend, were four cars with their occupants leaning out of windows taking photos. So we put on our hazard lights and joined them. What a beautiful black, silky bear. He was about four metres from us, quite unconcerned by everyone and chomping away in the undergrowth. We got a great video of him, as well as this photo.

Back down on the main road, more cars were randomly stopping, and people were out taking photos. There was another bear, further away this time, in the woods. We watched him stroll on his way. What a day.