Wonderful six days with the family, and more to come!

We surprised Elspeth, Harvey and the boys by being at Merida Airport to meet them. They thought we were meeting up at the beach house. What a great reunion we had! The boys have all grown, but thanks to FaceTime we were not strangers and they ran to us. Big hugs all round.

Before we set off to meet them we had a morning in Merida wandering round and looking at the town. The centre is very nice, old colonial, and some nice old buildings. The cathedral is stunning and for once not over baroqued. The central square was lovely and also the Paseo Montejo, which is a very long road and we only saw the beginning of it. Apart from that the wider town was unprepossessing, all rather run down.

The Cathedral and the area around the main square.

The Jesuit Church and the inside of a nearby hotel

One of the university buildings

Some buildings on the Paseo Montejo

The beach holiday – we had such a lovely time, the setting was idyllic. We had a huge house, our own pool and virtually our own beach. The house itself was a big disappointment to us. All very run down, rather too ‘open air’ and rather more ‘Mexican peasant’ than we might have wanted, especially for the price we paid. Our first real Airbnb disappointment.

However we lived outside and only slept in it. The caretaker, his daughter and grandson were lovely and we negotiated a very reasonable rate with them for shopping and cooking, neither of which would have been straightforward for us in Sisal, which is a very Mexican village, the the kitchen was dreadful. We had lots of lovely meals, too much food really! We swam in the pool and the sea. The little boys, Douglas and Robert (4 and 5) played for hours in the sand and with shells, Angus swam and swam and read, and we all had a great time. We drank lots of fresh coconut water from the trees around the house which Lalo the caretaker climbed up to harvest for us. They were deliciously refreshing, and towards evening great laced with rum as a pre dinner cocktail. The days whizzed by and I can’t believe we have now said goodbye to them, but it is only two months till we see them again in Buenos Aires for Christmas. We hope to be there in time for their end of term school productions. Some photos of our time together, the beach house and a farewell one with the caretaker and his family.

We all left together this morning for the Mayan ruins at Chichenitza where we spent a very hot couple of hours looking round. It was another interesting set of ruins, this time very commercialised and touristy, but we were passing by so felt we had to go. It lacked atmosphere because of the souvenir sellers and the number of people there, but we had an interesting guide and in spite of the crowds there was plenty of space for all. The pyramid, the Temple of the Warriors and the Ball Court. Here they beheaded the captain of the winning team, as opposed to the entire losing team. The little ones got very fed up so we headed off for an ice cream while Elspeth, Harvey and Angus went on to the observatory. In all the heat the ice cream was very welcome, as were the fans in the cafe!

We said our goodbyes in the car park and went our separate ways, the family to Tulum to complete their holiday on another beautiful beach, and us to Cancun for the night before heading for the airport first thing tomorrow. We arrived here late as it was a long drive and we encountered another tropical storm on the way. We are staying in the town, and walked a couple of hundred yards down the road to a lively restaurant where we had a wonderful final Mexican meal, served by a delightful waiter. We had a free Margarita as a welcome drink, the best yet, and then delicious shrimps – a delightful end to our Mexican adventure. We have loved it here, a great experience.

Now we have only ‘one more sleep’ before we fly to Guatemala where we meet Anna at the airport. Sadly not with gorgeous granddaughters Lola and Alexa, but we will enjoy having Anna to ourselves for nine days none-the-less. Thank you to the Moores of Bledlow who have helped us to plan our Guatemalan adventure, we will raise a glass to you when we get there.