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Jul 26 · 2 min read

Last time we blogged, I think we were heading into Spring 2019, so we thought it would be handy to just do a whistle-stop tour of what we have worked on since then:

  1. Tried onboarding some additional teams, outside of our home club. Of the 3 we engaged and demo’d to, 1 became an active user; the other 2 didn’t try it out. The main reason for this was not engaging the person best placed to push the team to use the software.
  2. Provided end of season analysis to the teams who had used it. This was in the form of spreadsheets and graphs. We know 7/9 teams used this analysis in some way for their end of season awards. The other 2 teams did not confirm either way.
  3. Anticipated a substantial drop-off in usage at the end of spring due to season endings, so attempted to onboard 1x cricket and 1x 7-a-side football team. Despite positive responses during the demos, failed to convert these into active users. Highlighted issues with value and onboarding journey.
  4. Interviewed existing users to understand other problems they have, which may present value opportunities. Established a common need across captains — basic data entry and communication is required almost every week during seasons. It is menial, repetitive and time-consuming.
  5. Started investigating potential solutions. Finished rolling out redesign.
  6. Explored basic concepts with users to address the data entry / comms needs. Confirmed value could be delivered and rough indications of expected pricing.
  7. Created and launched new landing page using This was intended to test 2 hypotheses — value prop for the upgraded product and the onboarding experience. Iterated both content and design constantly over 4 weeks, based on daily user feedback across 30 participants.
  8. Finished designs based on winning concepts. Ran successful usability tests with existing and new users. Kicked-off execution of the new features.
  9. Agreed as a team that our current lack of users could at least allow us to release straight to production. Feature 1 (‘easily share all match details’) is 80% released, although a bit untidy. Checkout is 90% done but not released, as this wouldn’t be safe for users yet.
  10. Signed up for Startup School by Y-Combinator. Instantly awesome, has already saved us money, such a great idea. Big thanks to the YC bunch for putting it out there for people like us.

I think that’s everything! Phew! So, what next?

What we are planning to work on next week:

  • Cold-emailing (and other channels) 50+ communities that might find Lockeroom valuable
  • Finish feature 1 and checkout
  • Schedule a customer collaboration session to really get into the nuance of feature 2 (easily collect my team data). There will be pizza!
  • 2 more blogs — this hiatus has been bugging me personally for a while. Time to get back in the saddle. Next blog topic: Why captains get the worst deal.

Thanks for reading, back soon!

Ollie, Harry & Jarryd


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Taking the pain out of being a sports team.

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