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Aug 1 · 3 min read

As mentioned in one of our recent blog posts, we’ve been working on a couple of new features for Lockeroom users. The first of those is nearly ready to be rolled out to users, so we wanted to explain what it is and why we decided to build it️.

✍️ Team captain or team secretary?

During our research interviews, one theme stood out: captains spend a huge amount of energy and time just sending information to other people. This includes:

  • sending results to league officials
  • sharing the location for an upcoming fixture with the team
  • working out who is driving to the match, from where and with how many spare seats
  • selection updates
  • searching for umpires
  • confirming kit colours for the opposition
  • trying to secure equipment for the team

… the list goes on 💤.

Artist’s impression of a captain in 2019

As we dug into this problem, we found that a lot of the content being sent with emails and Whatsapp was essentially the same. You could sum up the core message in the same way, every time:

“Here’s the time, place and equipment you need for this match. All good with you?”

So captains are doing this manual, repetitive task, every week during the season for their sports team. Why not automate it?

📍All your match details, all in one place

Sure, typing isn’t that hard. But typing the same match details again and again because it got lost in the group chat, or the email went into spam? That sucks.

Match Details view

We wanted to see if we could fix this, or at least make it less annoying. We took the information which was most crucial to a match and moved it online in a clear, easy-to-read design:

  • 📆 Time & date of the match
  • 🗺️ Address & map
  • 👕 Kit requirements
  • 🙋 Player selection

All details can be added when a match is created — it takes about 30 seconds from start to finish.

🏎 Send instantly

Tap the Share button to copy the match link and then paste that link wherever it is needed.

Each match has a single link, so there’s no messing around if you need to tweak something — just head back into Lockeroom, update the match details and everyone can see the new info with the same link 📱.

Free to use

Want to try it out? Head to to create an account — it’s currently free to use 🙂


Jarryd, Harry & Ollie

We’re excited to see how people use this. We hope it will make life a little bit simpler for captains, players & umpires, but we still want to make it better if we can.

So let us know what you think of the experience in the comments below, tweet us or email us at 📭


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Taking the pain out of being a sports team.

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