Potential limitation of Episerver Forms in Non-js mode

The new Episerver Forms is heavily depend on JavaScript to provide rich experience in browser (View mode)

Even though Forms can work without JavaScript (because Visitor’s browser does not support JavaScript, or Forms is forced to work in non-JS mode — by configured in the Forms.config), it will have these limitation

  • Each Step should have only one FileUpload element.
  • Weird behavior when have 2 or more Forms on the same page
  • The elements were not re-fill its entered/submitted data after validation fail, captcha refreshing or redirected by previous navigation (they are all submit action).
  • Recaptcha will not work
  • jQuery events of Forms, will not be raised
  • SOLVED: Load Forms.css along with Forms.js ==> use normal <link> point to WebResource URL
  • SOLVED: Form’s Action and method is decided by JS ==> defined in <form>
  • Form Steps show/hide (includes the Step depend conditions) by js
  • Navigation to Prev and Next is decided by JS
  • Progress bar
  • Form summarized confirmation will not be shown before submitting.
  • Rebinding the entered-data in case of navigating back (click on Prev button) or validating fail => not supported.
  • Form validating, FormStatus and showing its message by script will be suppressed
  • Server side validation and returned messages still need to be handled between submissions.
  • Reset element
  • — does not jump to the first Step after reset
  • — It does its HTML-standard job: clearing the entered data on the current visible Step
  • Hidden visitor data (Geo, Profile, UserAgent) & VisitorGroup data
  • — GeoVisitorData makes a Post request to //freegeoip.net/ from the client side
  • — Without JS, it fallbacks to serverside
  • File upload bases on Request.Files to carry files from client to server
  • then need to specify which files go with which element
  • in case of multi-step-one-page Forms, the selected file(s) if not be cleared will continue to be submitted
  • “Store form submissions” must be checked for Step dependency to work because stored submision data is used for dependency evaluating???
  • SubmitData is collected by JS. This can lead to
  • some element type cannot be collected by JS
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