Troubleshooting Forms error: There is no VirtualPathNonUnifiedProvider configured for “ProtectedAddons” folder

This error used to happen when you install you site via Deployment Center and upgrade to CMS8, CMS9 and then forget to run

cmdlet Move-EPiServerProtectedModules

Make sure that a virtual path named ProtectedAddons or ProtectedModules is declared in <virtualPathProviders> node of the EPiServerFramework.config/web.config file, something similar to this:

<add name=”ProtectedAddons” virtualPath=”~/[CMS]/” physicalPath=”modules\_protected” type=”EPiServer.Web.Hosting.VirtualPathNonUnifiedProvider, EPiServer.Framework” />

Note that the value of [CMS] is the value entered when the site is installed using the Deployment Center.

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