That moment when you realize over $1000 was stolen from your bag

(most likely from your hotel room)

We are definitely Gringo’s — and we had a bit of a reminder of that yesterday!

Noticed the money missing… next the power pole on our street was hit so the power was out for the rest of the day. Schools out, works done, cooking is a no-go.

So, that’s how the day goes!

You take a deep breath, talk to the kids. Remember that you really have everything you need.

Walk down to the beach, play in the waves for a couple hours and forget your worries.

School can wait, cash can be made again, and life is to be lived.

And then, you sit on the beach in the evening and watch the full moon shimmer on the waves. Tides going out again.

Breath in, breath out. Life goes on.

Talk to your loved ones about life and things that happen sometimes, and it’s our choice on how we let it affect us, and our days. We get to choose.

This is what we chose — Adventure; the ups and downs, lessons and truths.

Originally published at on January 11, 2017.

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