10 Resources to Learn Maya 3D

Movies, cartoons and even games have changed. Better graphics have made movies more realistic, games more detailed and cartoons more defined. While the old Kong needed a man in the suit, making unrealistic and awkward movements, new Kong only need a man and a green screen, the rest is done of the computers.

Numerous software have been designed to help graphics and animation, with the Autodesk Maya being the most prominently used across all sectors. Autodesk Maya 3D animation software can help design animation, cartoons, realistic characters and even modify and manipulate photos.

To succeed in the world of animation or graphics, learning Maya has becoming a required skill. This is specially true with the way technology is progressing with more movies including better graphics and being released in 3D. Do you want to master modeling, renderings, simulation, and in short become a kick ass graphics artist? Well, then you need the Maya 3D software.

Here are a few amazing resources that can help you learn Maya 3D. If you want successfully learn, ensure that you work along side each tutorial, that is one of the best ways to gain confidence to actually start using the software.

  1. Maya Tutorials

Pluralsight is a brilliant website that has numerous tutorials on its website dedicated to Software, 3D, VFX, Gaming Development, etc. The best part about this website is that once you sign up for the website, you will have access to not one but all of their courses for a monthly or yearly package. It has created a complete different section for Maya, where there are numerous different courses that can help you learn the Maya 3D animation software. From learning the basic fundamentals to getting a more detailed instruction, the website has a tutorial for that. You can learn rigging, rendering, texture, lighting and so much more at your own pace.

2. Beginners Guide to Modeling with Maya

If you don’t want to search high and low for different Maya tutorials to help you get started, then this is the perfect course for you. This course does all the hard work for you, leaving you to simply Enroll and get started. Eduonix has been in the online learning field for a while now and has numerous popular courses across the development and programming field. Additionally, it also has other courses related to design, graphics, marketing and so on. This is one of the easiest way for you to become acquainted with Maya as the instructor will show you the ropes with the Maya 3D interface, progressing to more complex topics.

3. 3D & Motion Graphics Maya Tutorials

Envato Tuts has also dedicated a complete section to Maya 3D. However, similar to the first one, these are mini tutorials that have been broken down in a blog format. It is a great resource to turn to once you are familiar with the basics of the Maya 3D interface. These can then help you get some hands-on experience. They are similar to mini projects that you can use to learn different techniques that can be done in Maya. This website shows you how you can create items such as teddy bears, chimney smoke, hulk and even a cartoon parrot.

4. How to master hair and fur in Maya

This isn’t a complete tutorial and for you to use this resource, you must have an idea of how Maya 3D works. You should know the different tools and be completely familiar with the Maya 3D user interface. However, this is one of the most important tutorials that one should learn when dealing with animation. Specially when you consider that a majority of movies end up spending extra time and money to get hair and fur just right for their animated movies. If you want to start animating, then this is one of the most important skills to hone.

5. Mr. H’s Animation and Maya Tutorials

Mr. H has shared his knowledge of Maya and animation by creating a complete YouTube channel to help users learn basics of Maya or how to use Maya 3D for animation with free tutorials. From learning the Maya interface to creating basic stick figures to more complex animated characters, this YouTube channel covers it all. If you are looking to become an animator or create animated movies for a living, then you will find everything you need on this channel.

6. SimplyMaya — Maya Training Library

This website has been created to help users learn about Maya and to train them using the Maya 3D animation software. All you need to do to access their many different Maya courses is to create a free account with them and you can then download over hundreds of different tutorials on Maya. The best part is that the website is constantly updated and populated with new and improved tutorials, so you will always have something to learn or practice. From houses to batman busts to even cartoon dinosaurs, there is so much on this website.

7. Become a Game Designer: The Complete Master Series

This is one pricey course, but it is seriously effective if you want to learn how to become a game designer and have no idea where to start. This comprehensive course is perfect for you to become serious with gaming. You will not only learn the design part but also how to code and develop. So in short, you will learn the front and the back-end. The course includes Unity, Maya, 3DSMax, Photoshop and even C#.

8. Intro to Mastering 3D Box Modeling Techniques with Maya 2014

If you do not want to step into animation, there is this course that focuses solely on Maya. Although, it deals with the version 2014, there are still many useful techniques to be learned from this course. The instructor is brilliant and knows exactly how to break down the Maya software to help you understand the interface and become familiar with the controls.

9. Autodesk Maya 2016 Basics Guide

This book by renowned author and 3D artists is also a great read for anyone who likes to study in depth about a particular subject. Kelly Murdock breaks down the latest Maya software helping you understand the user interface and giving you a solid understanding of creating 3D models and animation. The best part? This book is not limited to simply text, but also includes video tutorial with each topic and chapter.

10. 30 Best Maya Tutorial Videos for Beginners — Learn From Masters

Webneel has created a list of 30 awesome blog posts and Maya video tutorials from their own authors and creators to help you learn Autodesk Maya. This comprehensive list has short tutorials that can help you break down different projects that you can do with Maya. However, ensure that you have some experience with Maya or at least understand the Maya interface completely before you delve into these different projects. From lip synching to running to painting skin weights, this website has tutorials for almost everything in Maya.

Autodesk Maya is currently one of the hottest 3D animation software on the market and is a must for anyone who wants to enter the world of animation or 3D modeling. These are just a few of many different tutorials that are available online.

In case you come across any other tutorials or 3D Maya courses that are helpful, please let us know in the comments section below.