10 Resources to Learn Neo4J

Data plays important role in today’s world, especially when compared to knowledge. Data and information are required for everything, including making large decisions. This holds especially true for companies big and small, as each decision could be the downfall of the company.

However, raw data that is not sorted or filed, is pretty useless. It’s just a whole lot of chaotic information that yields no result. Data that is sorted and filed allows you to see the trend and a pattern. That data is readable. This is where databases can help. Databases sort and file data in a manner that makes it easy to fetch and retrieve when needed the most.

Neo4J Graph Database is a type of NoSQL database that is currently one of the hottest database on the market. It is an ACID compliant transaction database that has a native graph storage and processing system. It is also one of the best databases for companies that are unsure of the amount of data requirements they would need, especially if they need to scale their business later.

For all companies, Neo4J is becoming a must learn database system, especially because it is easy to learn and is very powerful when it comes to expressing graph concepts for querying and updating data. So, if you want to start learning this powerful and amazing graph database, here are a few resources that can give you the head start you need.

You can learn more about Neo4J in this short, yet descriptive Infographic on Neo4J.

  1. Get Started with Neo4J — An Introductory Tutorial

One of the best places to get started with Neo4J, especially if you are a newbie is on the Neo4J website. This tutorial offered by the developers of Neo4J not only cover their technology, but also break down graph databases and its uses in detail. It will show you exactly where to start, including your first steps such as downloading Neo4J. You can also learn how graph databases compare with other NoSQL models and how a graph database can be used in a practical setting.

2. Neo4j Documentation

Once, you’ve understood the history behind the graph databases or if you have already some experience with different databases, then you can directly skip to this Neo4J documentation and start learning Neo4J. However, this documentation might be a bit confusing for anyone who hasn’t previously dealt with graph databases, so ensure you have some background in NoSQL databases. The best part about this resource is that on the bottom of the page, the developers have dedicated different sections where you can learn, try, develop and even launch.

3. Learn to Build Apps Using Neo4J

If you want everything in one resource, learning everything from the start to end, then this Neo4J tutorial is perfect for you. This course has been designed to systematically lead the learner from the very beginning including learning about graph databases and then progressing on to learning the ins and outs of Neo4J. From an introduction to graph databases, to actually building an application with Neo4J and NodeJS, this tutorial covers it all.

4. Learning Neo4j

If you prefer textual tutorials and courses, then this is a great book to always have on hand. There is also an e-book version, if you don’t want to constantly carry a bulky book. A detailed book to learn about the neo4j database and is also great resource to have as help. The book covers Neo4J fundamentals and includes numerous examples and use cases, showing you how to apply Neo4J in real world cases.

5. Up and Running with Neo4j

This Lynda course is a good tutorial, but not for beginners. If you already have experience with databases, including graph databases, then you can definitely follow the instructor through this course. It’s got a very detailed section on Cypher and even includes ten coding challenges throughout the course to help you strengthen your knowledge and skills on the query language.

6. Neo4j High Performance — A Video Neo4J Course

Although originally started as a Kickstarter project, this Neo4J video course takes you on a journey through building high performance Neo4J applications. In the 8 chapter tutorial, you will go over Neo4J and all of the fundamentals, along with how to get started building applications using this amazing graph database. This might not be for newbies, and you might need some prior experience with development and databases in general.

7. Neo4j Tutorial

One of the simplest Neo4J training tutorial, which can help you get started using Neo4J right on the bat. However, this course is limited to only learning and breaking down using Neo4; you will be required to have a basic understanding of databases, graph theory, java and the spring framework for you to fully understand this course. This Neo4J course is focused on Neo4J, Cypher Query Language (CQL), Neo4J Admin, Neo4j with Java and Neo4j with Spring DATA Framework.

8. Learn How to Use Neo4j With Node.Js

In this blog tutorial, you will learn about Neo4J specifically how it will work in relation with Node JS. You will learn various different methods of how Neo4J communicates with Node JS including Neo4J’s built-in REST interface and the node-neo4j (philippkueng) module. You will learn step by step how you can get your Neo4J database to start communicating with Node JS. A great thing to know in case you want to build any applications using both the technologies.

9. NoSQL: Neo4j and Cypher (Part: 1-Beginners)

This is a two-part course, with each costing $35, making it a slightly expensive tutorial on this list. However, if money is of no concern, then this is a great tutorial to learn Neo4J and Cypher in detail. What makes this course different from the other ones, is that this course focuses on using Neo4J for simple real-life applications including answering things like “How do I know you?” & “How do I get from London to New York?”.

10. Getting Started with Neo4j

If you don’t have the time on your hands, then this short one hour webinar series is good to understand Neo4J. Neo Technology Senior Consultant Andreas Kollegger discusses Neo4J and how to get started with this amazing graph database technology. It’s similar to a workshop, where he urges viewers to start working directly with Neo4J along with him. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty, that too with a professional. This is definitely a must for anyone who wants to work with Neo4J.

With data becoming a more prominent player in all industries, including technology. It is become inherent that people understand how data works. Neo4J makes it easy for your system to not only understand data but also organize and fetch it, making it faster for you or your users to access large amounts of data.

These are just a few of the many different tutorials available online for Neo4J. In case, we have missed any other good and informative tutorials, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.