Become a Master in Mobile Development with 5 Best Frameworks

Paddy lock
Feb 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Mobile Development is growing to become a prominent sector, that is currently looking at a talent shortage. It is estimated that by 2017, the App market will grow to become a $77 billion industry. And, it is only expected to grow, resulting in a demand for more app developers.This is where mobile frameworks come into the picture. Frameworks ease the process of developing apps for mobiles. Choosing the right framework can often be the difference between an amazing app and a headache!

Want to master mobile development? Do, you want to enter the lucrative world of building apps?

No idea how to code? This course is for you! New to mobile development? This course is for you! An expert developer hoping to pick up new tips and tricks? This course is for you too!

No more complicated language paradigms and no more messy coding principles. You will learn how to design apps for Android and iOS using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This course will cover 5 frameworks that will help you build native, and hybrid apps from the ground up!

The 5 Frameworks that you can expect to learn are:

PhoneGap or Cordova,

Ionic & Ionic 2,

JQuery Mobile,

React Native &


In addition to learning in the ins and outs of each framework, you will also learn hands-on practical applications by building 5 different apps with each framework.

Ionic : Feed Reader, ToDo List, Auth0 Login App, Business Finder, Meal Tracker.

PhoneGap : Photo Gallery, Workout Tracker, Contact Manager, Memo, Recorder, Geolocation App.

React Native : GitHub DevSearch, Google Books App, Custom Web Browser, Messaging App, Project Manager.

JQM : Mobile Website, Event Manager, Movie Listings, WikiFind, Weather Report.

Meteor : Idea Manager, Magic 8 Ball, Spotify App, Real Estate App, Class Scheduler.

Here are the Benefits of this Course:

  • You will be able to build complex apps for Android and iOS without having to learn difficult languages such as Xcode, Java and Swift.
  • You will learn to build 25 projects that range from easy to complex on scale of difficulty.
  • You will learn how to use five popular and powerful frameworks
  • You will have access to the finished projects and also their coding.
  • You will learn about mobile development, including industry statistics and practices

Do you want to enter the fastest growing world of mobile development? Well, now you can. You can be part of bringing this amazing course to life! All you have to do is go to our Kickstarter Campaign and submit your pledge!