10 great websites that boost my productivity (Part 1)

1. Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com is an online magazine covering different aspects of businesses. As its target audience is for entrepreneurs, this website has a broad range of categories from business ideas, marketing, human resources, technology, and so on.

What I like about this website is that they really keep you updated with what is happening out there. They also analyse what is emerging in the market that can be an opportunity for entrepreneurs. How the office environment is changing. And specifically, how the organisations should change their policies to adapt with that. A series of interviews with famous influencers also help people learn from them.

This is one of the websites I visit daily, it makes me feel good to give my mind some knowledge in the morning.

Mobile app is available

2. Quora.com

Quora.com is a social network that people can ask and answer questions. These questions can be just really funny or just something you never wonder until you see somebody asking it. Lots of them can be really scientific or analytical. You can find literally anything on Quora from life issues, relationship problems to work-related topics.

This website is useful for all kind of audiences. When I was a student, I used this website to search for information and analysis of the organisations that I chose for my assignments. Sometimes, I felt pretty down, and with a quick search I could reach a lot of useful answers from people who have gone through the same issues.

Mobile app is available

3. Medium.com

I got to know this website not too long ago but it has definitely become one of my favourite platforms. This is an online publishing site where anyone can just register and become an author. And because of that, you can also find any kind of topic on this platform.

Medium users are really active and knowledgeable I could say, they share a lot of trends and knowledge in all industries. If you want to learn new skills or hone your current skills to advanced levels, you should not miss this platform. I am trying to learn technical skills for digital marketing and data, and I have found this platform is amazing. All free, check it out now ;)

Mobile app is available.

4. Growthhackers.com

I found with this website while I was searching information for my assignment. The moment I found it, I could not be any happier. This network shares many stories of successful startups when they were just a small company and how they developed to be a unicorn. Those stories are super detailed with how they tested new functions. How they analysed their data, and much more. I was, in the end, happy with my assignment result thanks to this website.

Sadly, I can’t find a mobile app for this platform yet.

5. Ted.com

You probably know this website when you see its name. TED is one of the oldest platform in this list, it shares thousands of inspirational videos on different topics. The videos are available in many languages and also the community helps to translate the videos into different languages too. I try to listen to TED talks when I am free. There are a lot of things that I can learn on this platform, especially for those who are learning languages.

Mobile app is available.

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