How to Restore Your Leather Sofa Singapore?

Leather furniture is not very easy to buy and handle that’s why most of the people do not want to purchase it, because it requires a lot of maintenance. So if you have a custom leather sofa that you have placed in your room according to your requirements, you do not have to worry when you renovate your room furniture because most of the people think that this sofa is now faded and we have to throw it out of the room.

But if you have a custom leather sofa in your room then you must not worry because there is a facility available with which you can re-dye your existing sofa and make it a brand new.

Following are the important steps that you can take for dying your sofa at your hoe rather than running after any furniture stores.

· First of all you have to vacate some place and place your sofa there for dying purpose. Then you have to get leather cleaner with which you have to clean your leather sofa from any impurities and dirt.

· The next step that you have to take is that if your sofa is covered with some cloth or sheet for protection purpose you have to remove that. After this, you have to use the tape on the frame and areas which you do not want to re-dye. Then you have to mix the color according to the instructions that are written by the dye manufacturers.

· When you have mixed the color and you are satisfied by this then you should start applying the dye color with the foam brush or sponge.

· Many people love to have Leather Furniture in their living rooms because it gives the room an air of elegance and style. However, leather requires regular maintenance and if it is cared for, the furniture can become a part of your family heirloom that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren!

· Unfortunately, dust, dirt, heat and sunlight can take a toll on the leather without you even realizing it, but there are many ways to clean and restore furniture that is old.

· Take a clean, soft cloth to wipe the leather carefully. This will get rid of dust and dirt present on the surface. The crevices tend to gather food crumbs and dust and are often neglected during regular cleaning. Hence, use a vacuum cleaner to reach these hard-to-reach places. Use the soft brush attachment, so that the leather does not get scratched.

· After removing the dust and dirt, take damp cloth and wipe the entire furniture well. Allow the leather to air dry, but make sure that there is no heat or direct sunlight in the room.

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