FORTITUDE- courage in pain or adversity

Fortitude is a non-profit organization founded and run by students based in Pune. One of their founding members Rhea Arora is part of our team here at Locusnine. She has written a blog post about the organisation and how it came to be. Her work and thoughts completely align with ours in the social impact space.

Fortitude. A non-profit organization that is the product of a coping mechanism combined with the will to do better. Actually, it's more than just a non-profit organization, it's a family with a big heart and a dedicated work ethic towards making the world a better place, one good deed at a time. After all, that's what it takes right? One good deed, after another. …

by Aaryaman Basu, UX Designer @ Locusnine

When you ask children what their ambitions are, you’ll often hear replies such as ‘Astronaut’, ‘Firefighter’, ‘Policeman’, and in my case — ‘Fighter Jet Pilot’. Ask them the same question a month later and they’d have pivoted to ‘Doctor’, ‘Teacher’ and ‘Cricketer’. While it’s okay for such spontaneous career changes at a young age because it’s all fun and games then, it certainly isn’t when you’re in college pondering over what domain to commit to and make a career out of- that was me.

I hail from a Liberal Arts background, which means that I had a multitude of options to choose from while I was in college, and that didn’t make it easier. One day you’d find me in the computer lab writing SQL commands to extract values within a certain database, another day I’d be figuring out the orthogonal complement of a nullspace in my Linear Algebra class and the day after I’d be learning about why bacteria need to give up their antibiotic resistance in order to become more resilient to phages. Yes, I was absorbing immense amounts of knowledge during my Liberal Arts program, I covered a vast array of topics. I sacrificed specific expertise in one domain for a broad understanding of a wider range of domains. However, in my 3rd year of college, I decided it was time to specialize and become adept with the required skills and tools of one particular domain. …


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