FORTITUDE- courage in pain or adversity

Fortitude is a non-profit organization founded and run by students based in Pune. One of their founding members Rhea Arora is part of our team here at Locusnine. She has written a blog post about the organisation and how it came to be. Her work and thoughts completely align with ours in the social impact space.

Fortitude. A non-profit organization that is the product of a coping mechanism combined with the will to do better. Actually, it's more than just a non-profit organization, it's a family with a big heart and a dedicated work…

by Aaryaman Basu, UX Designer @ Locusnine

When you ask children what their ambitions are, you’ll often hear replies such as ‘Astronaut’, ‘Firefighter’, ‘Policeman’, and in my case — ‘Fighter Jet Pilot’. Ask them the same question a month later and they’d have pivoted to ‘Doctor’, ‘Teacher’ and ‘Cricketer’. While it’s okay for such spontaneous career changes at a young age because it’s all fun and games then, it certainly isn’t when you’re in college pondering over what domain to commit to and make a career out of- that was me.

I hail from a Liberal Arts background, which means…

by Sumit Maingi, CTO @ Locusnine

Understanding how AWS Lambda scales

AWS Lambda service is simply, infrastructure that gets allocated to your function on-demand as per need. When the need increases new infrastructure is automatically created internally which executes your function. The size of the unit of infrastructure is defined by you when you create the function, AWS allows us to select memory for the function and CPU allocation is directly proportional to the memory that you chose, what this means is that if you choose 128MB of memory you get x CPU while choosing 256MB gives you 2x of the same.

Lambda scales on…

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