A Question on Wisdom

A brief ponder

I have a question that’s been percolating in my mind for some time: how is wisdom determined? How does one become wise? I ask this question because I find it fascinating that of all the gifts Solomon could have asked of God, he chose wisdom. Not only is that a noble request, God honored it. If He honored it, then there must be something to it. If it can be requested and honored, then I too can be granted such gift. But this gift is not one that is given on a moment’s notice. No, it is acquired — compounded interest on currency of decisions, chisels to the marble block for the sculpture of your image. There is a foundation for such gift — the wise are always in pursuit of truth, relentless in seeking it. As the wise are relentless truth seekers, they are knowledge acquisitiors; and in acquiring knowledge, they are intentional listeners; and through intentional listening, they are unparalleled in disciplined — both in thought and action; and through unparalleled discipline, they are generous in time and resource; and in generosity, they are humble; and in humility, they are kind; and in kindness, loving; and because of love, godly. Though, without the first and the last, relentless pursuit of truth and godliness, man is either a hypocrite or an imitation — for wisdom is the pursuit of the first and made of the last.

As all great things, it’s a slow accumulation — a daily conditioning as the gift wraps itself around the spirit until it becomes a part of the look — unbeknownst to the individual as though nothing changed. There is a choice to pursue this route, whether it be the intention to become wise or the conscious choice to make the right decision. Over time, the decision to choose between the good and bad evolves into the conditioned choice of choosing good. It becomes the automatic response. Not in a thoughtless manner, but in the intentional consideration that constitutes just decision making, one such decision where truth becomes the guiding light, leaving all other options to cower in darkness.

Therefore, truth and wisdom have fully grasped the spirit soul. The decision to pursue these just actions is conscious but become unconscious and, as character is formed, become character itself. Unbeknownst to the character and attractively becoming to all those around. Thus, wisdom is something that is searched for, but never sought — like catching a glimpse of a wild animal — pursued, yet beautifully unexpected and always welcome. When wisdom catches hold of the spirit it sets ablaze an unknown conflagration of inspiration to all those around the beholder, all the while its luminescence becoming to all those it touches, sparking cautious fires in the souls of others who may one day unknowingly slide into the garments of the relentless truth seeker, the knowledge aquisitor, the intentional listener, the disciplined, the humble, the loving, the godly, the wise.

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