The LODE Project is making strides to ensure a successful deployment for the new AGXPay Wallet!

LODE Project
Sep 14 · 2 min read

Last week, a call went out inviting LODE Community Members to join in the testing of the new mobile wallet known as the AGXPay Wallet. In order to properly manage the testing process and a large number of participants, volunteers have been invited to test the AGXPay Wallet in batches. Below is a quick summary of the testing process to date.

Testing Group #1:

The first batch (approx. 21 ppl) of enthusiastic testers began trying out the AGXPay Wallet on September 11th, 2019. The results so far have been very promising, with most of the active testers successfully installing and using the AGXPay Wallet without issue.

Volunteers have been eagerly testing the wallet using a variety of operating systems, and phone models across different language sets. So far, the only issues that have been flagged are purely aesthetic. Based on this feedback, the LODE Creative and Tech Service Providers are already working on making the AGXPay Wallet an even more fluid experience by providing visual enhancements and support for multilingual operating systems.

Testing Group #2:

In the next few business days, the second group of testers, which contains over 60 participants, will be invited to download an updated version of the wallet and provide additional feedback. This group will be doing a deeper dive into the functionality of the wallet, providing feedback on new design and feature requirements.

What AGXPay Wallet BETA testers are looking into

Using all the functionality of the AGXPay Wallet is an important part of the process in order to find bugs and resolve any issues. Testers are asked to download and run the wallet on their device, backup/recover/import their wallet, send and receive AGX Coins, and provide feedback, details, comments, and screenshots of suggestions or issues that they have.

How feedback is managed

Via email or Telegram, testers are providing real-time feedback. These comments and suggestions are reviewed and analyzed by the appropriate LODE Service Providers to ensure that any problems are rectified prior to deployment.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the testers

Thank you to the LODE Community Members that offered to test the AGXPay Wallet and especially to those that have joined in the first round of testing. Without your valuable feedback, the deployment process would take considerably longer.

Thanks for being a part of the movement to put idle silver back to work.

AGXPay Wallet. One wallet bridging a world of opportunities.

LODE Project
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