8/14/17: Values

First and foremost, my life itself. This living, breathing hunk of flesh. I value the fact that everything I do is a biological process, that nature and evolution progressed so far to create such a unique object that can do so much that is nearly impossible to replicate in entirety. Everything we do, as a species happens for a reason. If I knew that reason, I would do everything in my power to spread that knowledge. I value my family, as even though I take them for granted almost every time I see them, they are the only people that have always been behind me. I, like most other decent individuals, value my friends, the people who I associate myself with. It’s hard to find a better bunch to talk to, and express myself where I can’t otherwise. I value a man with faults that he recognizes more than a perfect man who is blinded by himself. I value the passing of time, in a way that every single second, minute, day, month, or year can be looked back upon and I can utter “that was a good moment.” I value all my possessions and understand that there are less fortunate people who couldn’t even dream of what I use everyday. The world is cruel, and sometimes I wish I could give to people what they give me every day.

But most of all, I value my life, and that’s all that matters.

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