The Driver: Race 2

Situation Update:

Monaco GP


Five Months since Bahrain GP.

Situation Update: Pre-Qualifying Briefing

Time: 8:03:56 AM

“…the track is renowned for being extremely dangerous and narrow. Be prepared for an accident. A racing line will be projected into your visors. Now let me introduce Michael Ecclestone, CEO of F1 racing.” Finished the race manager.

“The honorary safety car driver, who is sure to be sent out onto the track at least once tomorrow is going to be the wealthy businessman…”

Ugh. Pre-Race briefings are extremely boring. Let me get you up to speed on what’s going on.

In the last race I ruined the car. As you might expect, the crew wasn’t exactly exceedingly happy about my performance. And then there’s the court case. A 2-race probation. I’m not last in the roster, though, and if I make first this race, I can gain enough points to make 3rd overall. Meanwhile, Réson has had time to practice on the circuit. I haven’t, due to the goddamned probation.

Situation Update: The Pits

Time: 8:53:34 AM

Feels good to be behind the wheel again. Looks like everything’s locked in. I’m gonna do some warm up laps.

Situation Update: Monaco GP Qualifying

Time: 09:02:10 AM

[Loading Timer…Please Wait]


Great. Réson’s got a head start…I’m gonna show that asshole who’s boss.

“Wilson, hard or soft tires?”

Right…I can’t do a lap without tires…Let’s go softs. Better grip on the synthetic tarmac.

“Look there John, seems that Wilson’s set the best lap. Wow! What an improvement over the previous race!”

The crowd roared at Wilson’s new lap times as the commentator.

“That’s right Bernie! To all viewers, don’t forget to text RACE to 94042 for a chance to win $1,000,000! ”

“Wilson. This is your pit captain speaking. This is your final lap. You are running for a 3rd position start. Ahead of you is Austin Johnson and behind you is Patrick Réson.”

Situation Update: The Pits

Time: 4:32:45 PM

Finally, a better start than Réson. Checking out for this evening. Ready for race day.

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