The 6th arrondissement of Paris: Living between two worlds

The 6th arrondissement of Paris is the scene of two different worlds. While this arrondissement is famous amongst artists and poets, it is also the place where students go partying and enjoying the parisian night life.

Some people enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that prevails in the Luxembourg garden and go there with their loved ones to bask in the sun and observe the beautiful scenery. Artists and intellectuals would tell you to watch a theater play in the Latin Quarter.

The students would tell you to meet in front of les Beaux-Arts and go to the restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs that are in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés.

Whether you want to learn more about Odéon, pont Neuf and Pont des Arts or discover the Latin Quarter and the places to be at when the sun sets, this post is here to show you the magic of the 6th arrondissement, from day to night.

Arts and Magic

Pont des Arts, Paris

In the 6th arrondissement of Paris, each form of art finds its way.

The Théâtre de l’Odéon is the little paradise of actors, playwrights and theater lovers. Located in the left-bank of the river Seine, it is not only an architectural master piece classified as historical monument since 1947, but also one of France’s six national theaters.

The Pont des Arts is the magical place where couples and lovers from all around the world come to seal their union. If today, the bridge doesn’t have locks anymore, it is and will always remain the most romantic spot of Paris. This is the reason why, at any time of the day or the night, you will see couples holding hand while crossing the bridge, surrounded by the city lights and the river Seine.

Speaking of which, there is another amazing bridge in Paris and certainly one of Parisian’s favorite: Pont Neuf. Out of all the other places of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, Pont Neuf is the place where you are most likely to cross path with painters in search of inspiration of in awe in front of this architectural wonder. Whether you love Giuseppe Canella, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissaro or Albert Lebourg, you just need to look at their paintings of Pont Neuf to realize the artistic impact that its scenery has on painters.

Beaux-Arts and night life

L’Arbane bar, Paris

We warned you before; the 6th arrondissement of Paris is also the place where the National School of Fine Arts is located, which means that it is a place where a lot of students enjoy to hangout with friends after a long day studying.

Indeed, the 6th arrondissement of Paris offers a large range of bars and clubs. Whether you want to dance the night away or spend the night with your friends drinking in a comfortable and intimate place, the quarter of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés is the place to have fun to! Most bars are located in the main boulevard called Saint Germain and in rue des Cannettes.

Since we always want to give you good tips, we definitely recommend you to go to “L’Arbane” located in 10 Rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris, to enjoy cocktails while listening to acoustic sessions until 5am.

Luxury apartments

6th arrondissement of Paris

The 6th arrondissement of Paris is very famous amongst Parisians and people from all around the world for its bubbly atmosphere. Considered as a trendy and luxury neighborhood, most people in search of this “Parisian chic” life, dream to settle down there.

Lodgis, which specializes in the Parisian estate market, knows it and that’s why it offers a large range of furnished rentals in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Whether you are looking for a studio, a duplex or a spacious apartment for you and your family, you will have a lot of choice on our website.

Tourism and activities

Luxembourg Garden, Paris

We saved the best part for last! Because who says “6th arrondissement” also says “the Luxembourg Garden”. If you enjoy green places, fresh air and quiet places, this is where you will definitely spend most of your time when you will visit this area. Formerly the king Louis XIII’s playground, it is now the place where Parisians go for picnics with their friends and family.

For those who enjoy cultural visits, the Musée du Luxembourg is opened to the public who would like to see its beautiful architectural and paintings pieces as well as its amazing library. For that you will need to buy a ticket on the museum’s official website and then you’re ready to go!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post about the 6th arrondissement of Paris, for more information and tips you can visit our blog about Paris!