Hello Corina, I don’t think you’ll be sued by the App Stores, but at least the apps with copyright…
Lair Valdivia Nieto

Thank you, Lair.

Yes, we have a contract for each one of the games and no, it doesn’t say anything about having rights over my ideas and graphics (they only charges you an amount for using them) and all the infringements were spotted by several lawyers, not just one. I sent that communication to them, but they were “too annoyed” and kept saying they were all coincidences, which is totally unacceptable.
When it happened, I tried to contact and report this to Amazon, AppStore and GooglePlay. None of them understood why I was reporting the platform I used to develop my games. They assumed I had a problem with “my bosses” instead of understanding I was using “an app” and the workers of this app stole my ideas to create new games as their own without asking my permission. 
I am worry because I know the nature of the lawyers and I don’t have the means nor the tools to fight back. I know I’m right, 200%. But a great lawyer can give me troubles for several lifetimes. 
The forms you gave me are slightly different from the ones I sent a couple of years ago (well, Apple’s seems as poor as always), so I might give it a try again to the Google one again. 
Thank you!

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