At least for you…

I got a lot of time thinking about to write this post. I was afraid because I am not a good English writer not even a good one writer. I am just a young man trying to overcome his fears and failures.

I from Costa Rica, and I am doing this because one of my wishes is writing something. Want to share my thoughts by the writing. So, I am starting, leaving all my fears and limitations behind of me.

I have read about start something really good and be good at something really inspiring. So this is me, trying to figure my life out. I will throw the chains and take the strength to do something really inspiring, at least to me, writing in English.

I want you to do the same. I want you to do the things you wanna do. Make your dreams come true. Have a lot of fun every single day. Kiss someone, hug people or just write a fool story.

It might be not a great story I am talking about, but to me it is important. Today I conquered my fear. Today I am taking the risks of writing something bad or just writing bad about something.

I want to inspire you to overcome your fears and make something inspiring, at least for you…