Nancy Silverton Brings World-Class Food Closer to Lofts in Los Angeles


Downtown Los Angeles is one of the great cultural hubs of America and plays host to the most exquisite cultural institution of a rich array of food. One of California’s brightest culinary icons is Nancy Silverton. Throughout her career, she has blessed Southern California with some of the world’s most inspired Italian cuisine. Operating her three restaurants, she continues to delight the foodies of Los Angeles with her impeccably simple, yet refined, creations.

All great chefs perfect their craft through sweat, tears, and long nights of endless work. Nancy is no different; in fact, when it comes to late night tinkering, she may be one of the greatest. In interviews, she calls it an obsession, and she is most certainly right. What sets Nancy apart from other chefs is not the complexity of her cooking per say, but its absolute perfection. Each one of her recipes has been obsessed over for years until every single weighted gram of ingredient became accounted for. This has provided the hungry citizens of Los Angeles with three superb restaurants that serve simple foods cooked to absolute perfection.

Nancy Silverton began to garner attention in Los Angeles as a baker. Baking is where her obsession and discipline with perfecting recipes began to take form. In interviews, she recalls staying up all night tweaking recipes for different varieties of bread. Somewhere in the midst of hunting for perfection, she always managed to strike magic, because the bakery became a success almost overnight, leading her to eventually sell it to Aryzta when she lost interest in meeting the company’s ever-growing demand.

But she had found her niche and her passion, and from that moment on her next creations seemed to always be greater than the last. Now the owner of three restaurants in Los Angeles, her style of California Italian cooking has garnered critical acclaim from publications across the country.

Her restaurants don’t always evoke the same atmosphere that you might expect from a world-class chef. Silverton prefers to serve casual dishes that evoke taste from the simple purity of their flavors, rather than relying on expensive ingredients. That is not to say that she can’t present a world-class dining experience when the opportunity calls.

Silverton’s Osteria Mozza is one of Los Angeles’s most delicious restaurants, serving a variety of simply decadent Italian dishes. Created in partnership with Mario Batali, the first to last course simply stun the guests with their depth and variety of flavor — that’s if you manage to get a reservation, of course.

Nancy Silverton is a brilliant chef, an inspiring woman, and one of many creative characters brightening the palates of Los Angeles’s restaurant enthusiasts. She is one of the reasons living in the city can be such a rewarding experience and is an excellent example of the wonderful flavors, sounds, and sights that surround you when you are living comfortably in downtown LA lofts.

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