Jesus whom is the light which illuminates our life and :

Light re-creates


Light re-establishes

Light remodels
Light gives hope
light cannot comprehend darkness
light restores

What does light really do?
Light erases darkness
light scramble unrest
light heals a broken heart
Light sets captives free
Light recreates a broken dream
light reveals a vision
light raises the dead
when light steps into a room all darkness flees
Oh how darkness fear light

let your light shine very bright that all darkness will disappear
Light brings forgiveness
light gives hope and a future
light gives a purpose
light ignites
light pin all the pieces together
light estates
light erases the past and presents the future
Light prescribes everlasting health
Light Aspires
Light re-builds a broken house
Light breaks forth a new day, a new season, a new life and future.

Who is this light, Jesus is the light that does all these things in our lives.

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