IETF 103: Day 0

I woke up very early and waited for Nitin. We later picked up Jagveer and headed to Reduit. Along the way, we got a battery problem and both Jagveer and myself had to push the car for kickstart.

Later we picked up Nathan, Jeremie and Muzaffar. Jeremie had just finished his tests and Muz was working on his assignments.

Avi and Rahul waited for us for a very long time in Grand Baie La Croisette.We had to unpack (pun intented) our kits. Very late we picked up Kifah and Kheshav.

Despite the tough day, many people started working on the first night. Along the way, we thank WolfSSL for their generous support :) We celebrated Kifah’s birthday. There are 3 teams: TLS 1.3, HTTP451 and SSH. I am leading the TLS 1.3 team. I am happy to spend my time reviewing code instead of writing it ;) Have a look at this article on