IETF 104 day 2

SSH, DSCP, and long debugging sessions

Today is the last day of major work. Tomorrow, it’s going to be polishing time. I did some basic work on ipv6 routing demons. On top of this, I spent a lot of time working with Rahul Kumar Shivadan on DSCP. It was fun to work with a 15-year old and explain basic networking concepts.

Yashveer and Jeremie working together.

Be sure to check out his blog for further information(

Next, I worked with Nitin and Jagveer on ruby’s SSH library which is probably the biggest commit I’ve seen. Have a look at Nitin’s (Jaykishan Mutkawoa) blog.

Nitin’s laptop
Nitin about to push his code publicly.

A saying I’ve heard in OpenBSD is that “it takes heroes to remove code :-)”

I’ve been using tcpdump to analyze my hacked up ipv6 demon. More info soon :-)

We also have videos who are quite interesting !