Mailbox Weekend

One night back in the hills of Brielle, New Jersey a few friends and I got into some trouble. It was just a little over three years ago that this memorable night took place. I landed at Newark Airport around 7pm on November 21, 2013 for Thanksgiving break during my freshman year at Saint Leo University. As soon as I landed I texted the group chat with all my friends telling them to get to my house around eight to start drinking. Sure enough as soon as I got home they were all there in my living room drinking beers with my dad catching up how everyone’s first semester at college went.

About an hour or so later my friends and I went out to a house party the next town over. After realizing that everyone we graduated with still sucks, a few of us took a cab back to my house. Ryan, Mike, Max, and I got back to my house around 11pm and kept drinking. That first semester that we were all away for college was the first time in our lives that we weren’t together. Yes, we kept in touch and talked in the group chat every day but just like every other group of friends, we couldn’t wait to all be home for Thanksgiving. Because of how excited we were that Thanksgiving was finally here, we never got tired.

We stayed up pretty much all night telling funny stories from our first semester away at school, but little did we know that we were actually in the middle of probably the funniest story from our freshman year. After raiding my fridge and eating everything in it, this funny, yet extremely stupid story begins to unfold. It was now about 2am and I clearly remember to this day Max going “So what should we do now?” Mike followed up with “Haha should we go fuck around outside” So of course we did. As we walked outside I just remember seeing my truck sitting there in the driveway. This is when everything started to go downhill. Once I saw my truck I go “Wait guys I haven’t drove since like August.” Shortly after my idiotic statement, Ryan, who actually lives down the street from me said “Wow neither have I, I’ll go get my car too!” Not even thinking twice about how stupid of an idea this was Mike and I drove over to Ryan’s to meet him and Max. I followed behind Ryan for about a minute before we all realized how boring it was to be in separate cars, so I followed Ryan back to his house to drop his car off, so him and Max could get in my truck.

We were all in my car now but weren’t sure where to go. Max suggested that we go to our other friend Jimmy’s house to go see if he’s still awake, so we did that, but Jimmy was asleep. On our way back to my house Mike, who’s the instigator of our friend group goes “Beav, (“Beav” is my nickname) drive through these leaf piles!” Me being the easily convinced person that I am did just that, and it was hilarious. A few houses later Mike screams, “Hahahaha Beav mailbox!” Adrenaline was pumping throughout my body because of how hard we were laughing, and the fact that all the boys were finally back home. So I stepped on the gas pedal and took out the next three mailboxes I saw. I had to pull over because were laughing so hard. After about two minutes of uncontrollable laughter, I sped back to my house.

At this point it was about 3:30am and we were even more awake than we before. A few minutes later somebody started banging on my front door, and our hearts just dropped to the floor. We just sat in my living room hoping they would go away but they never did and my mom eventually answered the door. Guess who it was. It was Officer Mechler who lukcily is one of the cooler cops in town. I heard him ask my mom, “Is Logan home?” So then I came out from hiding and Officer Mechler just asked me questions. Since I was honest with him and admitted to taking out my neighbors’ mailboxes, I got away with only one ticket. I received a reckless driving ticket and had to appear in court later that week. But since my buddy Max’s dad is an attorney in our county, and is best friends with the judge, he was able to get the ticket reduced to just a noise violation that only costed thirty three dollars. Definitely not one of my proudest moments, but looking back at it three years later it is in fact one hell of a story.

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