When I saw her

On a lazy winter morning, when the sun refused to rise up to the horizon, I unwillingly pulled myself from the cozy covers. It wasn't another day until I snoozed my alarm for a short nap. Riding to the library wasn't a pleasure I felt. Checking out with a couple of books, I headed to a nearby restaurant. It was a crowded one and I had to wait for a while until my turn for a seat.

I never knew I would take up my pen to capture the moment until I saw her. She wasn't the most glamorous I would say, but she was so charming that she captivated my thoughts. For a while I was dumbstruck. She deliberately made me happy. Appearing like an angel who descended down to grant the wishes of a poor man, she made a mesmerizing smile. For a while, I was thinking how to thank the creator for this flawless creation. When I finished thanking the creator, she apparently turned to me. I didn't miss to steal the glance. I instantly heard the wedding bells and a priest pronounced our union before a humble crowd. When I took her hand after the ceremony to start my journey of life, the waiter shouted at me, “Sir, people are waiting outside”.

I handed over the money for my bill and reluctantly left the palace where my queen resided. Least did I realize, I already built a palace for her within and she just entered to dwell with her angelic smile.

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