Network Effects and Viral Loops in LinkedIn and Medium
Guy Lebanon

Thanks for sharing the insight. I actually saw the link on LinkedIn and got here to read because I like the reading experience on Medium much better.

Medium has the best design in my opinion, and I like the ideal it holds which is to build a content sharing site without ads. The site and the writers on it should be rewarded only by the quality of the content, not by posting ads. It recently launched Clapping to replace the Recommend or Like button, where a reader can clap multiple times on the same article. The quality of the content then gets measured by the total number of claps. Medium claims that it normalizes the claps from each person and then pays the writer based on it. It’s an interesting experiment on user behavior and their business model. But like you said, I think whatever Medium does, it should ultimately contribute to building a stronger and larger social network with more activities triggered by network effect. Currently, I still don’t see much success on that.

Hope it will figure out a way to trigger more network effect and be successful in their ideal business model, so that awesome writers like you can be attracted to publish more here.

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