What’s Success?

There was once a time where your path was laid out for you. Before you even entered pre-school, your destination was decided, and your journey to get there was pre-determined by societal norms.

Go to school, attend a four-year university, get married, a career, and maybe have some kids that you can drive to soccer practice every Saturday. Some would call this the American Dream. The only way to be successful. But, it’s a dream that’s been dead for years. Success couldn’t and shouldn’t be applied to a single definition.

While some are content with a path that’s pre-defined, more and more are rebelling against this way of thinking. It was once a normal way of life, something that many aspired to.

Over the past few decades, there’s been a change in what success means. And no, it’s not that pyramid scheme you got in the mail. It’s the ability to define your own path. It’s the ability to define your own version of success. Creativity has overtaken the world. It’s opened doors, it’s allowed open-minded thinking, introduced ideas and innovation. No longer do you need to attend a four-year university to be successful, or be stuck in a dead-end job that locks you in a cubicle from 9 to 5.

So many people I talk to, feel limited. They feel like they’re bound to this step-by-step WikiHow that teaches them how to be successful at life. You need to be the one that creates that guide. Not society, not your guidance counselor, not that guy you were talking to at the bus stop. You are your own version of success, and however you want to lead that is up to you.

You can be successful just by living out of a box. You can be successful by keeping the same job your entire life. You can be successful by traveling the world while making millions of dollars. There isn’t any set bounds on success, no matter how many other people tell you otherwise.

Find what makes you happy, find your definition. Write your own success story.

“On your last day on Earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”

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