Cultivating an Idea

The little girl pictured in the picture about is Mackenzie Bowling. Mackenzie is very eager for the first day of school. She will be attending kindergarten at Epworth Christian School. Mackenzie has been looking forward to the first day of school so she can finally make friends. Mackenzie and her family just moved to Ohio because of her Dad’s work. She has been looking forward to this day all summer and now that it is finally here she cannot contain her excitement. In this picture Mackenzie’s Mom, Patricia is laying down some rules for Mackenzie. The most important rule that she tells Mackenzie is to be safe and do not go home with anyone. She tells Mackenzie that she will pick her up after school by the stop sign where the bus will drop her off. No matter who is there and what they say to Mackenzie, she is to go home with no one else but her Mom.

Finally the bus pulls up and Mackenzie jumps on the bus, makes her way down the aisle and picks a seat where she can look out the window and watch her Mom get in her truck and drive back home. Mackenzie feels a reluctant pull of sadness as she watches her Mom start to drive back home. She was so excited to start the first day of school so she could finally make friends that she didn’t think about leaving her Mom all day. After a short 5-minute bus ride, they pulled into the parking lot at school. As Mackenzie made her way to the classroom she told herself that she would be fine and the day would fly by. By lunchtime, Mackenzie still had not made any friends. She had a couple of girls say hi but that was it. As the class made their way to the cafeteria, Mackenzie stood in line to get her hot lunch. As she paid for her lunch and looked around the cafeteria trying to figure out where she was going to sit and eat, she saw a small blonde girl waving her hand motioning for Mackenzie to come and eat with her. Mackenzie was instantly filled with relief.

3 hours later on the bus ride home……………

As the bus approached the stop where Mackenzie was supposed to get off and meet her Mom, she saw a strange man in a black hoodie waiting at the stop sign too. As the bus came to a stop, the bus driver looked back at Mackenzie waiting for her to get off of the bus. Mackenzie didn’t see her Mom yet but she did not want the bus to be waiting on her. She reluctantly made her way down the aisle as slow as she could, constantly looking out the window for her Mom’s truck. As Mackenzie existed the bus, she cautiously looked up at the man in the black hoodie and then turned around and watched as the bus pulled away. The man in the black hoodie made Mackenzie nervous as she wasn’t sure who he was and why he kept staring at her. He made her feel uncomfortable and she debated if she should start walking down the road to her house. As Mackenzie sat there and debated, she saw her Mom screech up to a stop by the stop sign and jump out of the car. Her Mom ran over and grabbed Mackenzie. “Are you okay!?” Patricia said, as she practically picked Mackenzie up and threw her in the truck. Thank God Patricia got there when she did and Mackenzie was safe. This was a disaster waiting to happen and I think it will be a while before Mackenzie gets dropped off at the bus stop alone.