SEO and Java Relations: A Love Story

Participating in my first ever Twitter chat was one that I feel like would be the quintessential chat. I felt very welcomed to the group that was participating in the chat, breaking the ice with @MatthewAYoung leading the conversation with “Welcome all to another edition of #seochat. Let’s introduce ourselves and tell us what you’ll be BBQing for Memorial Day#” , letting the group mingle before getting a little more serious on topic. With a few replies in, I added that I plan to be grilling burgers with some friends to celebrate the long weekend. After introductions were concluded, Matthew went on to elaborate on the protocols and format of the chat, how to reply to questions and what to expect in today’s chat: “how well or poorly search engine optimization and JavaScript get along.”. From the start, JP Sherman was one of those involved with the chat who seemed to know what he was really talking about. I for one, consider myself tech savvy, but was not well versed enough to really contribute to the conversation as much as I would have liked.

The first question asked was “JavaScript and SEO: Can they get along? How? #seochat”. This question was the one that let those who did not feel knowledgeable to reach out to @MatthewAYoung, who was incredibly comforting and even supplied articles for those to read along the way. I contributed first to the actual chat by retweeting on of JP Sherman’s pictures that served as a metaphor to how poorly executed java is an apply blocking the face of content that Google want to index (see image).I thought this served as an enlightening moment for myself, and other UFSMM students who were not completely following the conversation up until this time because quite a few of us retweeted the image stating that it served as a perfect metaphor for relating Javascript and SEO programming.

I got involved in the conversation towards the middle, after reading a little up on the Javascript and SEO relations, I asked the question after a reply from @MatthewAYoung for Javascripting and implications of using certain types of software like Ajax instead that might avoid certain spiders and crawlers when searching for SEO details on webpages. I asked “What would be some consequences for adding some JS to a page?” with @MatthewAYoung replying with Slow load times, inadvertently “hides” important content and links from the search engines #” specifically to my tweet.

Overall, I found that this Live Tweet Chat to be quite informative, not only on how a twitter chat works, but really also on the topic of SEO and Javascripting.

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