The Aviation Museum

Logan McNay
4 min readMar 12, 2020

And the deconstruction of a commercial.
Written by Logan McNay

This Aviation commercial was a lot of fun, but it also came with a lot of challenges, that at one point, even involved an encounter with a rattle snake. But that’ll come later.

The idea was, a girl goes into her own world, imagining herself flying one of the museum’s planes on display.

Simple in concept, not as so simple in execution.

The clouds were 3d generated, and the plane was a replica model off Ebay

On the museum shoot day, we had 9 hours to get all the shots of the plane, the close ups of gears and nobs, the girl, and the museum. Including myself, Josiah Byall, and Kelly Armstrong, we only had 3 people helping as crew, so we all had to wear a lot of hats as it was a team effort.

For all the exterior footage, we shot that with a drone in Angeles National Forest. When we took the drone out and flew it, everything was going well. We were flying it around getting the footage we needed, but then, as it went through a mountain pass, the signal dropped, and the drone crashed into a…