Freedom Over Status

I can’t tell you the exact moment it happens, but it does. We all turn into adults and we begin to realize our newfound responsibilities.

If you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up every few years I got older, these are some of the answers you would have received:

  • A baseball player
  • A drummer
  • A filmmaker
  • A music supervisor

For whatever reason, as children, we are almost hypnotized by those that we observe from a distance. And everyone we were exposed to growing up was shown to us through television and movies.

It was the athletes, the actors, and the musicians that I wanted to be. And I’m not sure why. Who would want all that stress?

As children, we don’t see the other side of life. We only witness the glorified parts. We don’t cherish relationships, bask in peace, and thrive upon our abilities to do what we want. As adults, though, that’s exactly what we do. And rightfully so.

While there are always going to be adults on the never-ending search for fame and fortune, others like me, slowly start to look through the array of obligation, to find the meaning of life.

I began to pinpoint exactlywhat it all meant after I had children. It’s the evolution toward the mentality that everything I do is for their future betterment. It’s selfless, and it’s everything.

So I started to wonder about the opposite of fame and fortune. Because that’s what I was starting to seek. I was realizing that all I want is more time with my family, stress-free work, and more freedom to make smart decisions.

I quickly found that the more I simplified my life — less stuff, less meetings, less expenses, etc. — the better I felt. After all, none of that stuff matters. What matters most is my happiness and fulfillment.

So here I am declaring success in my newfound ability to simplify my life. I don’t overthink, I just do. I don’t look ahead, I live in the moment. Most of all, I don’t hope for something I don’t want — because everything that I could ever want is already right in front of me.

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