Guide to Buying a Decent Headphone

There are many good headphones out there in the market but there are some important things that you must know before picking a one for yourself. This article would help you out in choosing the right tone. Our aim is to help you to find the right product for you. If you are a beginner then buying a good headphone can be daunting for you. Therefore, we have written this guide for your convenience, so, stay tuned and give a read to this article.

Types of headphones

First of all we will look at different types of headphones. If you already know about them then skip this part otherwise keep reading. Basically there are three kinds of headphones.

  1. In-ear headphones
  2. On-ear headphones
  3. Over-ear headphones

You should make up your mind before looking for a one for yourself. The first type of headphones are very small in size. They are mostly referred as in-ear headphones or earbuds. The headphones that come with your smartphone are mostly earbuds. This first type is extremely portable, gives noise isolation and they are good to wear during exercise.

The second type is larger in size than the first one. Unlike earphones they don’t stay in your ear canals. They reside on the top of your ears. Its band can go behind your head or over it but the speakers part is always placed right on your ears. They are also portable but they are mostly like due to their wireless feature. They provide better sound as compared to earbuds.

Third and last type is the over-ear headphones. They are the largest in size among the other types of headphones. They are also mostly wireless and provide excellent sound quality. Their batteries have much power as compared with the batteries of the second type. But they aren’t much portable. They are also expensive as compared with other types.


Important Things to Look for

There are many technical points that must be checked when buying the headphone. They are worth noting. You must look for these features if you investing a good amount in your headphones. Let’s mention those features.


Some headphones come with the wire and you have to suffer with the tangling wire. The solution is to go with the wireless option. The Bluetooth option in headphones was considered to lower the quality but now it’s hard to tell the difference between the sound produced by the wired and wireless headphones. Therefore, you should go for the Bluetooth Headphones for better experience.

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation is a good feature in modern headphones. What is does is that it filters the unnecessary sound waves to disturb the music waves. Nowadays, it is very much considered. You should also look for the noise cancellation feature when going to buy a headphone.

Battery Life

In the wireless headsets the battery life is considered as a life for the headset. You should for the headset with a good battery life. The battery life shouldn’t be poor and disturb you during your important phone call. Therefore, the battery life should be decent and provide a good lasting time.

Water Resistant

For the guys who do exercise regularly the water resistant headphones are very important. Most headsets which are designed for a workout lifestyle are sweat resistant. It is important to check the water resistant feature of the headphones before buying them.

Some of the important aspects have been listed and we hope that you will remember them when buying the headset. Hope that you got some value by reading this article.

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