We Are All Meant To Be Happy

All the time I hear, ‘This sucks,” “I hate that,” “I could never do that,” etc. But wait I remember being told that anything is possible if you put your mind towards it?

Maybe here lies the disconnect, a lot people don’t have their mind in a positive, encouraging state. Take it from someone who was depressed for most of his life.

A few years ago my depression came to a point where I could barely function. I had terrible panic attacks, constant anxiety, and no motivation for anything. I never left the house except for work and even then had to be sent home early sometimes because of my anxiety and moodiness.

If it wasn’t for my radiantly positive boss at the time, I don’t know how I would have gotten through. He constantly motivated me and saw my potential even though I didn’t.

One day at work I stumbled upon an album called “Look Up” by Mod Sun. The intro grabbed my attention and each song I thought was kind of strange but I liked the overall positivity behind them. Then I got to the last five songs, which weren’t actually songs. Instead Mod decided to read his book, “Did I Ever Wake Up.” From here on out my outlook on life has never been the same.

Mod Sun is an acronym for “Movement On Dreams Stand Under None.” He is a full-on modern day hippy that you would swear time traveled from the 70’s. My mom always said I had a hippy heart so maybe that’s why his words appealed to me. Even though I didn’t believe in everything he said, his unfiltered thoughts on life and positivity opened my mind and allowed me to come up with my own formula for happiness. The biggest concept that I took away from Mod Sun was that,

No matter the amount of negativity you are presented with, five minutes from now could be your best moment.”

I started to repeat this over and over whenever I felt low and activily pursued a good mind set. I started to “look up” in tough situations but the problem was that it didn’t always work. I knew that if I was going to become genuinely happy that I needed a whole arsenal of positive thoughts to counteract all the negative ones. I decided to read a few books based on both Eastern and Western ideologies, listened only to music that inspired me, and stopped using social media regularly so that I might find myself.

In order to be working toward a state of constant positivity, you must have a positive belief system (a positive universe). You are in charge of coming up with your own set of “truths” to live by. These are some of mine:

  1. The Universe Doesn’t Make Mistakes.
Map of the known universe.

I love astrophysics and astronomy. It allows us to humble overselves in knowing that there are infinitely more and bigger creations out there besides our little planet. But even more than that, we’ve come to know that everything in the universe happens for a reason. If it didn’t, then we would be in chaos where anything could happen and our solar system along with the rest of the universe would be random and not in the perfectly working order that it is in.

Because the universe is in order we are alive, thus we can assume that everything that happens is for our maximum benefit.

Take a second to think that through..

If that statement is true then wouldn’t you want to dance with joy? That means that through anything you go through or have already gone through only has happened to make you a stronger, wiser, and better person. Wow I'm smiling just writing that and I’ve already said it a thousand times!

2) The Law of Cause and Effect

Everyone knows Newton’s 3rd law of physics, simply put, cause and effect. But did you know that it applies to your life and thoughts as well? As Shakespeare once wrote,

“… for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking it makes it so.”

When something perceivable as bad happens to you and your reaction is negative, the reaction therefore will also be a negative one. The same applies to the opposite, positive reactions = positive outcomes. By constantly reacting positively, we are building a positive tomorrow. Acting on this basis creates a vortex that causes everything to benefit you.

3) You Are The Universe... A Part of It

One of my favorite quotes ever is from a poetic rapper named Healy. He says,

“Don’t box you in, forget the angles, you’re a galaxy with human skin.”

What a beautiful way to state the truth.

We are all from the same place, the universe. Each one of us is compiled of star dust that was blown through space billions of years ago from galaxies all over the universal map. When we take this information to heart we start to relate to our fellow human beings and this planet as a whole in a deeper, spiritual way.

Hate is one of the biggest forms of negativity and there is no need for it. Regardless of appearance, race, or even behavior, hate is never the answer. Negativity breeds nothing but ills and if we all throw stones then nobody floats. Instead we need a rising tide of peace, love, and understanding to raise everyone’s boat.

I hope this encourages just one person on their journey. The pursuit of happiness is not always easy. Most days I have to remind myself to smile and be positive because we live in a time were so many things try to bring us down. The goal is to instantly change every negative occurence with a positive outlook the second it happens.

In one of my favorite songs “Happiness” by Sol, he says,

“Even though its far from home, happiness is where I’m going.”

I’m well on my way to happiness.

Are you down to venture with me? We might just change the world for the better.

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