I am a fuck boy

Say what you want; I am a fuck boy. I do what I do because it pleases me. I love what I do because it’s me. It’s an expression of me. I’m not your ordinary person whom you can be all mean on for no reason and expect him to back down because you’re some sort of a trophy for the boys. I’m the kind who’ll leave that trophy and go for another one, because I’m content. If I want sex, I get it. If I want love, I get it. I will be nice to you, as nice as you can possibly find someone to be, as nice as I can be. But if you want to be unreasonable with me, well, I don’t do forced apologies. You want a sorry, it’s in your washroom, take it. That’s the most you’re getting out of me. If I am wrong, I will apologize. But to force an apology out of someone, well, Miss, we had a lovely run. This isn’t Sparta, nor is this your dragonland. You had a friend. You lost it. I’m a fuck boy, always was, always will be. ☺

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