I was 21 when the Y2K bug happened.

There wasn’t Facebook or Twitter and the Internet at large was still just becoming mainstream.

In terms of communication there was email.

And the newspaper and TV, of course.

And, listservs, I suppose, but I was a junior in college playing football in the fall leading up to the year 2000 so what did I care? The calendar software bug that might mistake ’89 as 1989 or 2089 and break the entire technology world as we know it was super not important to me.

But, still, I was scared of it.


I started my web company about the time that Elegant Themes released Divi, early 2014. I had toyed with the idea of starting one sooner, but (4) things prevented me from actually launching it:

If you google ‘how to make money building websites’ you will find an overwhelming amount of opinions and enough information to keep you thinking for months. From articles teaching you how to make $5k/mo (the number one article when I googled it) to others saying it is super easy to do to others warning you to beware of the amount of work it is to others outlining their experience & strategy.

A common thread in all of them, however, is the build platform is unequivocally WordPress.

In other words, regardless of the highway you choose to make money building websites…

Logan Ramirez

Logan is a taco-eating robot-loving hard worker at https://orangepulley.com/. He also writes, plays guitar, sings, and misuses commas, regularly.

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