Nashville Software School

Day 30/Week 6 wrap up

Well, this week was not too bad, I was pleased to be able to locate my ability level in the class (finally). Although I believe it may have been slightly generous, I found out that I scored a 60 out of 100 on a kind of aptitude test. Luckily, I’m in the upper third or so of the class (which surprised me). I was quite worried when I found out that we were taking the test, but I was somewhat happy with the result.

In the test, we started a program from scratch. The point of it was simply to print out a web page and incorporate a findAll function. We also had to have a couple of passing tests and some objects in the MongoDB. We had a limited amount of time to get it done. Some people were quite upset about it, and it somewhat discourages me to hear so much negativity and discord.

Our groups were moved yet again shortly before the test, so my group now consists of Joy, Nathan, Melanie, and Liza. Liza and Melanie are the anchors in the middle. I am on one side by myself. It’s probably been the best thing for me as I have been having issues keeping up while trying to help people next to me. It confuses me and worries me when I take time out of listening to help someone because I can’t catch back up myself. I wish more people would take advantage of the TAs in the back. That’s what they’re there for. I try not to bother people too much when I need help, and I definitely have no qualms with asking Scott or Tyler for assistance. They are more than welcoming and accomodating.

We worked a lot on jQuery this week, but we also circled back to several things from the first couple of weeks of class as far as setting up projects. Chyld slowed down a lot and circled over a lot of things that the class was uncertain on. I see that it is a little more than bothersome for him, but he really does a great job of trying to accommodate everyone. The testing this week has helped everyone so much. Forcing us to redo things and repeat them is probably the greatest thing that we can do. It’s incredible how much I’ve been learning. I am still far behind on several topics and have a long way to go before I am anywhere close to a master of MongoDB and asynchronous functions.

John Wark came in to class on Friday to help calm any dissent in the ranks. He brought us several books on JavaScript, Node, Mongo, SQL, and a variety of other code books. I really wanted a couple of them that I had starred, but I didn’t get to them quick enough before they were taken. His talk was great for morale, and a lot of the people in class seemed to feel a little better.

The apps we worked on this week were: the-derby(the start of a gambling app… I made mine cowboys lol), browser-games (some jQuery play and practice), and iron-chef (an interactive cookbook using dynamic html). The homework for the weekend was an app called “asset-lister.” I ended up spending the wekend with my girlfriend’s mom and their close friends at a camp in Crossville. I got most of the app started, but I still have quite a bit to go. Specifically with CSS and adding some other functions that I can’t concentrate on any further at the moment. I am happy that I have a few passing tests, no grunt errors, and about 90% of the program done. It’s an exciting feeling that I’m starting to understand enough to where I can get as far as I did by myself. I know I have a lot more to do, but it feels like an accomplishment.

Well, I don’t know that I have much else to say other than the fact that I am looking forward to the coming week and the new projects. I’m a little nervous about what is to come, but hopefully I can get a lot more figured out with the practice. I am also starting to think about my capstone project (effectively a mid-term). I’m not sure what I want to do yet, so I’m kind of excited for the prospective brainstorming session that Daniel emailed everyone about. It will help to know what other people are thinking about. We have so much more to learn before we even start on the capstone projects though.

All of the week’s apps can be checked out here. I still have to go back through and add Travis badges to everything. I need to write some more tests though first.

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